Basketball games #5

Before the game, MsSqueaky was tossing the ball against the wall and catching it. She didn’t really want to play catch with me. I coaxed her take a few practice shots, but she was barely hitting the net. What the heck, had she regressed. I tried not to worry, she was playing with the ball the way she wanted.

We were early, and got to watch some second graders. There was passing, defense, assists,…I look forward to next year.

MrGrunty went first. All week I’ve been telling him to be a rebound monster, and it worked, he grabbed a bunch of rebounds. He attempted a few passes, but most ended up turn overs. He blocked a shot and got a “good job G!” from a coach. He did get upset, but worked his way out of it. And once, was crying, but coach said a few words to him, kept him in the game, and soon MrG was playing with focus. After, I thanked the coach, saying MrG is doing a lot better, but still needs work controlling his emotions.

Talking with head coach after MsSqueaky’s game, we had an assist!!!, some strong defense, new dribble skills we hadn’t seen…they are so much better during game than at practice, at skill level, at concentration, at paying attention.
MsSqueaky in her game, running fast, smiling, engaged. She even had a basket.


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