Today snow day

It snowed last night. MsSqueaky was first awake, and woke me to excitedly tell me.

I taught Bible class, which I was completely not ready for.

After Church, MrGrunty and I played monkey-in-the-middle with a few other kids. I was proud of MrG playing easy and letting the four year old get the ball a couple of times.

K came over for a play date with MsS. They played in the snow, but by the time I got out there they went inside. MrG and I built a snowman and a fort. Then they watched “the Incredibles”, one of my favorites!

While making dinner, MsS wanted to help. So I taught her how to crack an egg. She was proud.

And while MyBetterHalf and I watched “the Walking Dead” MrCuddles fell asleep on our bed, lights on, listening to music on the iPhone.


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