MyBetterHalf had a meeting aboot Girl Scouts, so I went and picked up the childrens. MrCuddles did NOT want to leave, and so I had to carry the screaming boy away.

At home, she found a worm on the steps, named it Ben, then put it in the grass. Inside MsSqueaky helped me make soup. Though we didn’t do it the way her teacher does. “First you get the water. And then you make it really hot. Then you put in vegetables. And then it’s soup.” Sigh, kids today aren’t learning the joy of stock.

MrGrunty, who thought the soup looked disgusting, (he did love the banana chips), played a bit of catch with me. We played a bit of catch.


One Response to “Tonight”

  1. Heather Says:

    I want to point out that MsSqueaky was the one who found the worm and named it Ben.

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