Basketball games #6

“Always bring a towel,” a friend of mine told me, about thirty years ago, as he handed me a towel, and “the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy” for my birthday. I didn’t get it. About ten years later I finally read the book, and enjoyed it, and later would give it to my young brother-in-law, and he would enjoy it too. Now I grab a towel each time at the Y just in case I need to mop up any spills to keep the floor safe and dry.

I’ve read, that after a game a parent should only say, “I love watching you play.” That’s difficult for me, because I like to talk about it, I like to accentuate and encourage the things they did good.

During her game, MsSqueaky took a few shots. She got “good D” from her coach. I was lucky enough to see her grab a rebound, fast break down the court, be open, and yet give the ball to a team mate who scored. Unfortunately, as “assistant-to-the-assistant coach” I spent too much time trying to coax a girl into playing. She just wanted to sit on the side and chat with a friend. Yeah, next time I won’t spend so much time talking someone into playing. She did play a few minutes in the second half, though.

MrGrunty’s game. We always tell the kids to hustle….a kid, going after a ball, crashed face first into the wall. I was the only one in the gym with a towel. MrG didn’t see, which is good, because he hates even the discussion of blood. The coaches quickly gathered their teams, and talked to them, having the boys not stare at the hurt player. After a bit, the boy got up and walked off, and we all clapped. MrG mentioned that we all did that. I told him that’s what you do for a hurt player. MrG had some rebounds, a couple good passes, a couple bad passes, stopped a fast break with good D, and the coach yelled at him, “take it to the hole! That’s money.” And he got the basket.


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