Last Sunday, me and MsSqueaky sat down stairs, not in the balcony at Church. I held song book for her, and she was singing along, learning the song better on each verse. So proud.

Few days ago, MrGrunty was in the shower, loudly singing “we are the champions”. MyBetterHalf and I thought it was so cute, but we didn’t let him (or his siblings) know that we heard him.

Now, MrCuddles is plucking at my acoustic guitar.

Last Saturday, we took the childrens to my mom, and MyBetterHalf and I went out for a dinner date. (When we left, MrG was crying that he didn’t want us to go.)

MrG and I have a game, “Bouncy Ball”. You lie on the floor, throw a soft ball across room, saying “bouncy ball” and the other person catches it, saying the number of the consecutive catch. MyBetterHalf asked if you have to say “bouncy ball”. Yes, you do.

These days, MrCuddles usually wakes up crying, “I want to give my a hug”. Well, son…maybe if you went to bed at a decent hour, you could give her a hug at six when she leaves. Just sayin’.


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