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29 March, 2014

My childrens love “Frozen”.

They sing it all the time, in the shower, while walking around, MrGrunty sings while bouncing the ball off the sofa.

They want to put on the play…and are working with friends at Church.

MsSqueaky accidentally (although, I kinda suspect she knew) purchased the video on MyBetterHalf’s Kindle. And they have watched it dozens of times already.


Dumb characters

28 March, 2014

Recently, someone posted they don’t like The Walking Dead because the characters are dumb. That got me thinking, isn’t a lot of literature aboot someone making a dumb choice.

  • Hey guys, looks like those Greeks finally are gone, and look, they left us a big horse sculpture! How thoughtful.
  • So all I have to do, is leave my comfortable life, and take this ring to a very dangerous place and people are going to try and kill me? OK.
  • I have an idea, I’ll drink this potion, to make it look like I’m dead.
  • I’m gonna get that whale/fish/dragon.
  • I like this crappy looking X-mas tree.

It seems that history is a collection of bad ideas

  • It’s winter, let’s invade Russia!
  • Let’s show those white people how to grow corn. They seem nice.
  • Afghanistan should be easy to conquer.
  • If we bomb Pearl Harbor, I’m sure the Americans will leave us alone.

And looking at current health trends, we smoke, we’re obese, we don’t floss…I’m starting to think people by their nature are dumb.

UW cherry blossoms

22 March, 2014

Today, after coaxing the childrens into doing chores, running errands, spending their allowance (OK, MrCuddles was happy to spend, and had to be told several times he didn’t have enuff, MsSqueaky couldn’t find what she wanted and but didn’t want to go home empty handed, MrGrunty sat in the aisle totally concentrating on the book he got, he ignored his surroundings, and tonight, after reading the book all day scolded me for not telling him of other books.)… Yeah, then we went to see the cherry blossoms at UW campus.

When we finally arrived, MrGrunty said “oh wow” when he saw the Quad. I’ld like to think it was the beauty of thee blossoms that amazed him, but it may have been the crowds. I was a bit bummed aboot the crowd, but told myself to appreciate that so many have come together to enjoy the beauty. MrCuddles, who had been too tired to walk was now running, skipping, yelling, being a spaz. MsSqueaky found some tiny blue flowers in the grass to pick and hold. Then, Red Square and the childrens enjoyed playing around the ‘Broken Obelisk’.

Went to the gardens, MrG excitedly leading the way to the next garden, “guys, there’s more over here!” Then to the Sylvan Grove where the childrens posed like super-heroes next to the columns.

They were really enjoying the day, running around, exploring, showing each other new paths and places they found.

The Empress Theodora

18 March, 2014

In the process of reading two books about the Empress Theodora. And all I can say is she was awesome… she rose from the lowest rank of society to become Empress, wielding considerable power with her husband. She convinced the Emperor to stop persecuting monophysite Christians, she increases the legal rights of women, she helped some escape lives of prostitution, she ran the Empire while he was fighting the plague…

…and she had enemies. Just finished Procopius “the Secret History” where he lays out all the dirt on the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora. He hated them. They were the cause of the down fall of the Empire. He accuses her of being a whore, (adding details that would make Larry Flynt proud), being a murderess (both abortion and assassinating political enemies), having spies through out the kingdom, covering up the infidelity of a hero’s wife, being married to a demon.

Way more interesting of a character than Cersei Lannister. Come on, Hollywood, bring the story of Justinian and Theodora to the screen.

St Patrick day parade

15 March, 2014

We met in-laws at brother-in-law’s pizza place. MrCuddles was being very rambunctious, tackling cousin Mo, pulling her hair, being silly. So, I took MrCuddles for a walk in down town Spokane. Over pedestrian sky bridges (why doesn’t Seattle have more of these?), through an art gallery (BitterKat’s daughter has better material), up and down escalators.

We finally went back, had a few bites of pizza, then off to the parade. After a bit, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky got into it and were chasing down the candy that was being tossed to the crowd. A couple of the loud honking trucks scared MrC, so he spent most of parade on my back. When he saw a fire truck, he said “this is my best day, I love parades.”

This evening, took MrG to local elementary and we played basket ball on a seven foot hoop. We had lots of laughs.

After dinner I took MsS to the playground, she took me on obstacle courses, and showed off how good she is at monkey bars, or doing flips on bars, or climbing.

Food reviews

14 March, 2014

This afternoon, I took the childrens at Idaho. Just because. We stopped at Paul Bunyan Burgers…and bought some yummy shakes. I told the story of Paul Bunyan and tall tales, we looked at old logging saws and photos…and posed outside with Paul Bunyan.

Yesterday, while MyBetterHalf was prepping for the memorial, I took the childrens to lunch at Otis Grill. The Otis Burger was nice.

Celebration of life

13 March, 2014

Today was the celebration of life day for my mother-in-law.

MrCuddles was playing with fetch with the dog, and running around being silly.

MsSqueaky & MrGrunty spent most of the time watching “Frozen”.

MyBetterHalf was going around, welcoming and introducing folks. (I hid I the corner with sis-in-law.)

Friends from Seattle came over, for which I was grateful.

Old mix tape

12 March, 2014

A friend found a mix tape I made for her when she went to London circa 1990…

Love & Rockets “Waiting For the Flood”
Andy Taylor “Tremblin'”
U2 “Elvis Presley in America”
Pink Floyd “Time”
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Southern Accent”
The Cult “Black Angel”
Jimi Hendrix “1983…”
Kansas “Dust in the Wind”
Aerosmith “Dream On”
The Beatles “Long, Long, Long”


11 March, 2014

We will be heading to Spokane, to celebrate the life of my mother in law. I’m nervous, don’t know how I’ll react. I suspect the reality of her death will hit me when I’m in her home, and she’s not there.

So that’s how I am

10 March, 2014

The other day, the childrens mentioned the father of one of their friends…”he smiles a lot…he doesn’t yell”.

Of course, I foolishly asked about me…and according to them I don’t smile a lot, and I do yell a lot.