Basketball games #8

All good things must come to an end…
I’m always sentimental at end of school year, or end of a season.

MrGrunty had a good game. The coaches got trophies for all the players, so he was happy to finally get one…especially since his sister got one for soccer and he didn’t. (Sorry, I didn’t know this was a thing! And as a rookie coach, I wish a parent would have told me.)

MsSqueaky had a good game, she was assertive at defense and taking shots. Looking back, the head coach and I remarked on how much the girls had grown and learned. There was some passing, even! Before start of the game, the girls circled round, and I drummed on the floor and exclaimed “I am so very happy to watch this team!”

I could talk for hours about all the great things my childrens did, and how awesome sports are,…and I pro’lly do too much for the people around me. I hope in heaven God has all their games on video for me.


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