St Patrick day parade

We met in-laws at brother-in-law’s pizza place. MrCuddles was being very rambunctious, tackling cousin Mo, pulling her hair, being silly. So, I took MrCuddles for a walk in down town Spokane. Over pedestrian sky bridges (why doesn’t Seattle have more of these?), through an art gallery (BitterKat’s daughter has better material), up and down escalators.

We finally went back, had a few bites of pizza, then off to the parade. After a bit, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky got into it and were chasing down the candy that was being tossed to the crowd. A couple of the loud honking trucks scared MrC, so he spent most of parade on my back. When he saw a fire truck, he said “this is my best day, I love parades.”

This evening, took MrG to local elementary and we played basket ball on a seven foot hoop. We had lots of laughs.

After dinner I took MsS to the playground, she took me on obstacle courses, and showed off how good she is at monkey bars, or doing flips on bars, or climbing.



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