The Empress Theodora

In the process of reading two books about the Empress Theodora. And all I can say is she was awesome… she rose from the lowest rank of society to become Empress, wielding considerable power with her husband. She convinced the Emperor to stop persecuting monophysite Christians, she increases the legal rights of women, she helped some escape lives of prostitution, she ran the Empire while he was fighting the plague…

…and she had enemies. Just finished Procopius “the Secret History” where he lays out all the dirt on the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora. He hated them. They were the cause of the down fall of the Empire. He accuses her of being a whore, (adding details that would make Larry Flynt proud), being a murderess (both abortion and assassinating political enemies), having spies through out the kingdom, covering up the infidelity of a hero’s wife, being married to a demon.

Way more interesting of a character than Cersei Lannister. Come on, Hollywood, bring the story of Justinian and Theodora to the screen.


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