UW cherry blossoms

Today, after coaxing the childrens into doing chores, running errands, spending their allowance (OK, MrCuddles was happy to spend, and had to be told several times he didn’t have enuff, MsSqueaky couldn’t find what she wanted and but didn’t want to go home empty handed, MrGrunty sat in the aisle totally concentrating on the book he got, he ignored his surroundings, and tonight, after reading the book all day scolded me for not telling him of other books.)… Yeah, then we went to see the cherry blossoms at UW campus.

When we finally arrived, MrGrunty said “oh wow” when he saw the Quad. I’ld like to think it was the beauty of thee blossoms that amazed him, but it may have been the crowds. I was a bit bummed aboot the crowd, but told myself to appreciate that so many have come together to enjoy the beauty. MrCuddles, who had been too tired to walk was now running, skipping, yelling, being a spaz. MsSqueaky found some tiny blue flowers in the grass to pick and hold. Then, Red Square and the childrens enjoyed playing around the ‘Broken Obelisk’.

Went to the gardens, MrG excitedly leading the way to the next garden, “guys, there’s more over here!” Then to the Sylvan Grove where the childrens posed like super-heroes next to the columns.

They were really enjoying the day, running around, exploring, showing each other new paths and places they found.



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