Dumb characters

Recently, someone posted they don’t like The Walking Dead because the characters are dumb. That got me thinking, isn’t a lot of literature aboot someone making a dumb choice.

  • Hey guys, looks like those Greeks finally are gone, and look, they left us a big horse sculpture! How thoughtful.
  • So all I have to do, is leave my comfortable life, and take this ring to a very dangerous place and people are going to try and kill me? OK.
  • I have an idea, I’ll drink this potion, to make it look like I’m dead.
  • I’m gonna get that whale/fish/dragon.
  • I like this crappy looking X-mas tree.

It seems that history is a collection of bad ideas

  • It’s winter, let’s invade Russia!
  • Let’s show those white people how to grow corn. They seem nice.
  • Afghanistan should be easy to conquer.
  • If we bomb Pearl Harbor, I’m sure the Americans will leave us alone.

And looking at current health trends, we smoke, we’re obese, we don’t floss…I’m starting to think people by their nature are dumb.


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