Lazy morning

Me and the childrens had a slumber party in living room last night. And yes, MrCuddles kicked me several times and stole the blankets several times.

I woke first, and read some some my brother sent me aboot Ukraine-Russia current events. He thinks Russia will invade rest of Ukraine soonish…I think Russia is currently content, and that an invasion would seriously stretch their capabilities.

Now if in what-if, if Russia invades Ukraine proper, if I was Ukraine, I would destroy Ukrainian factories that manufacture important parts for Russian military. (Evidently they don’t have another supplier! PDF page 6) I also suggest destroying Russian pipelines, so Russia couldn’t sell gas. Hit ’em where they’re weak, hit ’em where it’ll hurt.

MrGrunty and MsSqueaky woke first. MrG and I watched Thunder vs Rockets highlights, and then talked about NBA playoff picture.

I made oatmeal, and smoothies for breakfast. We did our new thing of reading a short Bible story at breakfast. (MrG objected when I started this last Monday, but Tuesday morning he reminded me to do it.)

The childrens agreed to start chores at 10:30.

They rolled dice and charted out frequency of results. Each had their own paper to graph out the “race to finish”.

Then, they went to MsSqueaky’s room for a dance party.

MyBetterHalf returned, and MsSqueaky taught us a dance that her teacher taught her.

Well…MrCuddles is watching Frozen. And soon is chores time. Wish me luck.



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