What’s racism?

Yesterday, I taught Bible class.  The theme was Thomas, encountering Jesus after the resurrection. Long ago, I went to devotion also with MyBetterHalf, when she was still in college. One time, someone pointed out that Thomas was serious, he was ready to go and die with Jesus. Thomas became my favorite apostle. I was reminded that Thomas also asked,” how can we follow, if we don’t know where you’re going?” Thomas is like the kid who asks the teacher what everyone else is too afraid to. That’s what I tried to teach, that asking questions is good.

After Church, we went on a hike. MyBetterHalf, now a Girl Scout Troop leader, had a few other girls and their moms meet up at a park. I forced MrGrunty to go on the hike, he screamed “it’s boring”. (I think he was expecting to stay home with me to watch the Clippers vs Warriors game, but it was too nice to stay indoors) MrCuddles wanted to stay with mommy and the girls. So, me and MrG had a nice hike. I let him pick our direction. I told him stories that happened to me in that park. He asked me questions, ” what’s you favorite day? Your worst day? Your favorite animal?”  We climbed over logs, went off trail up steep slippery hills. It was great. And later he said chatting with me was his favorite part if the day.

Later, me and MrG sat down to watch the game. Due to comments allegedly made by Clippers franchise owner, there were “No racism” signs in the crowd that the camera was focussing on. MrGrunty asked,”Papa, what’s racism?”  I inelegantly went with “… You know how some people have different color skin? Well, if you think someone with different color skin is bad, just because of the color of their skin, that’s racism.”

Kids asking questions is good.


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