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31 May, 2014

Last night was the talent show at the childrens’ school.

MsSqueaky and a bunch of other kids did a Frozen medley of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and “Let It Go”.

It was awesome. I joyfully cried.



24 May, 2014

It’s past bedtime, but MrGrunty is singing “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong young & Free. The song he liked from last Sunday. It is so adorable to watch him learning the lyrics, and going around the house earlier today singing the melody. His favorite part is the bridge.

Today, MyBetterHalf’s little brother helped me on raised beds for a garden project I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Just finished “the Jesus Wars” by John Phillip Jenkins.
It was alright. Good to know that since the beginning, that Christians have argued, debated and fought over who Jesus is. But for me the best quote is the last sentence: “a religion that is not constantly spawning alternatives and heresies has ceased to think and has only achieved the peace of the grave.”

Last Sunday

23 May, 2014

Last Sunday, whilst MyBetterHalf and MrCuddles were away, I took the childrens to a different church. MsSqueaky threw a fit, because she wanted to see her BFF from our regular church. I wanted to check out a church that meets Sunday morning in a movie theatre for worship. The music was rock band, not to fast, MrGrunty liked “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong Young and Free. (The next day I asked, and the church told me, good turn around / out-reach.)

Like our church, after singing, childrens went off to their Bible class. They went with out complaint, and were OK when I signed them in and left, I guess they are big kids.

The sermon was based on Eph 1:15-23, the take away I got was we need to not be complacent in relationships.


Happy Birthday

17 May, 2014

Today would have been my mother-in-law’s 61st birthday. MyBetterHalf and MrCuddles are in Spokane with family. (MrC was jumping with joy that he got to finally ride in the white car on his trip to Spokane.)

Me, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky had a slumber party last night.

This morning, chocolate chip pancakes, MsS did the flipping, MrG did the add-chocolate-chips-ing. Then we prepped snack packs for MrG’s basketball team, and cleaned a bit before off to the game.

They had friends visit. MsS and her friend played with dolls and crafts. MrG and his friend played catch and tackle football on the mattresses. Then we went to the park. The girls were on swings, the boys playing catch with baseball. Then a walk in the woods…




…it was a nice walk. Three pairs of shoes got wet, and only one boy fell out of a tree. Back home, we had ice-cream, and too soon their friends left.

We went to a new burger place for dinner, then to buy some flowers. We built a fire at the beach, sang “happy birthday” to grandma, and each put a flower in the Sound for her.


imageIt was a wonderful day with my first graders.



Last night

11 May, 2014

Last night MyBetterHalf had her book club visiting.

i took the childrens to Tacoma to visit a friend I haven’t seen since…I dunno…1998. The children had fun, because there was ping pong, soccer, and basketball…they had cherry coke and s’mores for dinner, ( I had three partially eaten hamburgers ), there were silly song around the campfire, MsS made a friend.


Recent stories

4 May, 2014

MsSqueaky is only allowed to pick up Oliver-kitty one in morning, once at night. She often exceeds this limitation. I am surprise how tolerant he is of her.

MrGrunty wept, loudly, when he found out the Houston Rockets lost the series against Portland. MyBetterHalf was in another room and thought he was physically injured.

I’ve been finding candy wrappers all over the house. So I make general reminders to the childrens, “no candy in bedrooms.” MsS and MrG blame MrCuddles. I asked MrC if there were any more wrappers any where in the house. He said no, then in front of me and his mother, walked to the steps, looked behind a book that was leaning against the wall then walked away. There were candies there.