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Papa and MrCuddles time

27 June, 2014

MyBetterHalf, MrG and MsS, went with a bunch of friends from church to Mariners game. Lucky for me, I got to spend time with MrCuddles. When he heard of the plan, he immediately had suggestions for what he wanted to do.

So, we did.

We rode bus downtown, ate a hot dog, played on a playground, rode the Monorail, and played at the fountain at Seattle Center.


Need drum lessons

23 June, 2014

I must be doing something wrong, I have bruises on my hands after tonight’s rehearsal.

How am I supposed to hit the djembe?

Jury duty

22 June, 2014

Oh yeah…I was called for jury duty.

Pro-tip, don’t defer to the week when school is out, because the jury pool will be filled with college students. And it seems to me, that no lawyer wants a college student to make it out of voir dire.

I really wasn’t looking forward to going…but the room manager was fun, and the judge who gave an intro really encouraged the patriotic part of jury duty. Where normal citizens participate every day.

The jury I was called for, the defendant was accused of escaping from custody. I’m sure that would’ve been entertaining. But I was too far back, and didn’t get to serve. Was amused by the white guy saying “I don’t have any bias” and later finding out of of the college students is studying bias. (Neither made it through voir dire.)

Summer starts

21 June, 2014

I’m told by my childrens today was the first day of summer.
We celebrated with French toast, and lack of chores.
Then a birthday party at the beach.
Then a BBQ contest…the winner was a nice stuffed pork. Moist, tender, with asparagus, some savory spices, and you could taste it was cooked over fire.
Now, back yard camping.

End of school year

19 June, 2014

I’ve never liked the end of the school year. Maybe because it takes me too long to get into a routine, and I fear change.

That’s a good thing aboot children, they change, quickly, and force me out of routine…and maybe, I can grow.

Coaches meeting

18 June, 2014

Tonight was the first meeting for the upcoming soccer season.

I have three boys on my roster.


17 June, 2014

Played basket ball with MrG on the deck.
Took a walk with MsSqueaky.
Took a walk with MrCuddles.


16 June, 2014

I was downtown today, got to have lunch with Pablo. I kinda miss going down town.

Spurs NBA champions

15 June, 2014

Well, that was a bit anti-climatic.

Birthday party for seven year olds

14 June, 2014

Today, as last year, we had joint birthday party with another set of twins, classmates of MrGrunty and MsSqueaky.

I was on grill duty.

MyBetterHalf had organized activities, but all the children were too busy having fun and playing on their own to be interested in organized stuff.

MrCuddles helped hand out the gift bags as people left.

Then we saw “How To Train your Dragon 2”