Basketball season 2

Basketball season 2 recap

Parenting makes me crazy. I realized this a few years ago when MrGrunty and I would have batting practice hitting a Ping pong ball with a plastic tube. Whenever he hit it, I would get excited, it was a small target, a thin bat, and I was terrible at pitching. My boy could hit. Ichiro can hit. Ergo my son will be in the big leagues!

Luckily, seeing him on teams, makes me realize that he’s about average at sports. (Which is about 500% better than me.)

I recently read that a parent of a young athlete sometimes stresses out the kid by wanting to talk about the game, give pointers, be a coach, critique. That one of the joys of sports, is the kid is facing the challenge on their own.

Luckily, I have not been the critic of the coach. I tell my childrens, “Listen to your coach, they know way more about the sport than I do.”

However, often I want to talk to my chill aboot the game, the great things they did, the things other kids did. And what I should be saying is ” I love to watch you play.” Which is true. But that’s all I need to say. My enjoyment isn’t contingent on how well they perform. I won’t be happier if they make less mistakes. It’s like a baby learning to walk…you praise the first attempts at steps, pick them up, and let them try again. There’s no telling them they have nice form, or telling proper technique….

It’s difficult for me, but I’m trying to keep with “I really enjoyed watching you play.”

Now…that being said, and since my childrens don’t read this blog…please allow me a moment to indulge in how great MrGrunty is at basket ball. Of course the narrative is colored by my biased memory, so forgive my irrational exuberance. (Yes, I realize he’s at the same level as the other kids, I just miss the great things the other kids do because I am focused on MrG. I told you parenting makes me crazy.)

He has a new coach, which is good for him to get a variety of teaching styles.

Game #1…MyBetterHalf and I joked that he had a “quadruple-single” with a basket, assist, rebound and steal. He and a friend from school seem to favor passing to each other. When they have to guard each other in practice, they usually giggle.

Game #2… I got lost, we arrived late and MrG was very upset at being late. (He takes after MyBetterHalf.) As soon as the coach saw him he put MrG in, and had MrG guard the big kid. (YMCA has wrist bands, and you’re to match up and guard one-on-one.) The kid was couple inches taller, maybe ten pounds heavier…and the kid was very physical. He stand next to my son, gently pushing MrG out of position, or he would tug on MrG’s jersey, keeping nudging, and tampering. MrG was getting visibly upset. It seemed like MrG was facing a young Dennis Rodman. At a break, he told me how the other kid was pushing and grabbing him, and that “you aren’t supposed to do that!” Later in the game, MrG was guarding the big kid again. The big kid had the ball, but MrG had decent defense, and the kid couldn’t get a decent shot and had to pass the ball. Yes! My boy was pestered, but was able to keep his mind in the game. ( and srsly, who shows a first grader tape of the great defensive techniques of Dennis Rodman ? ) …(( OK, I admit…I may have done that))

Game #3… The other team had a player who was taking all the shots, and getting most of them. MrG said to me, “he’s supposed to pass the ball. He’s not sharing with his team. You’re not supposed to do that.” And in a few minutes, MrG was on the floor, and guarding the star player. I am excited to say, that MrG blocked the star player’s next three shots. One time, it was so dramatic, that the crowd let out a “wow”! To the star players credit, he made an adjustment and was able to get a few baskets against MrG in the second half. This game, his friend from school did well too, she got four steals, MrG told me.

Game #4… Father-in-law was in town and watched this one. MrG grabbed a rebound, fast-break dribble down the court, and pull-up jumper for the basket.



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