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24 July, 2014

It’s vacation week for me and the childrens.

Sunday, the boys and I went to soccer field whilst MsSqueaky and MyBetterHalf were at GirlScouts. ¬†MrGrunty wanted to practice goalie. After a bit, MrCuddles wanted to take a shot. He dribbled up, a time or two had to readjust the ball position by hand, and at the point blank range kicked the ball. MrGrunty moved his legs so the ball would pass between his legs into the goal, and say,”Good job, MrCuddles, you did it.” MrCuddles was overjoyed, and ran down the field, hands in the air, “I did it!”

Recently, the boys were in the back, playing with the sprinkler, and I noticed. Kink in the hose. I told them. MrG was confused. I had MrCuddles explain to his older brother what a kink is, and how to fix it.

MsSqueaky is a Master-Builder with Legos. She and MrCuddles have been building lots, and she is teaching him how to make planes and cars. (And by MasterBuilder, I mean one who imagines, and then builds.)

This morning, MrG woke me, and had a huge smile. “Papa, Sophie-kittie gave me a kiss.” Slowly, she is getting used to the childrens, she even let MsS pet her the other day. ¬†MrCuddles tried, but she ran away. He giggled, “she’s so ‘fraid of me.” ¬† (And after watching MsS walk around the house with Oliver-kitty in what looks like a wrestling hold….


20 July, 2014

…firstly, we visited a different church today. Of course my childrens were double-plus-shy, and didn’t want to be with the other kids. So they went with us to worship.

Music…led by a young singer-songwriter…don’t know how many of the songs were originals.

Don’t ya just hate it when,…the preacher prays for the Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle East, and stops there. That’s all folks, nobody else in the Middle East needs prayers.

That does make it nice and we can get to the picnic promptly since we don’t need to pray for…I dunno…maybe…


  • Kids in the Middle East who may have recently lost their dad due to violence
  • kids in the Middle East who are in the hospital because of a bomb
  • parents in the Middle East who must bury their children
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • people who have given up hope
  • people just trying to go to the market, and getting caught in the blast of a car bomb
  • people just sitting down to dinner, when a rocket targets the apartment next door

The sermon based on John 8:31-36…know the truth. With a bit going into the old ‘we-are-right-other-religions-are-wrong’ preaching that I grew up listening to and grew up believing.

So here’s the thing…and maybe I dozed off and missed it, but if you are gonna preach “we know the way, and if you don’t, then you are going to hell”, then the very least you can do is pray, “Dear God, please let the heathens learn about your love, and be saved.” Then those ex-heathens can be worthy of your prayers.

Come to us, Creative Spirit

20 July, 2014

Sometimes, I visit the awesome Daily Office of Mission St Clare.

Today’s hymn, “Come to us, creative spirit“, I really appreciate the thought, that creativity is an act of worship.

Almost like Luke 10:27

Coach clinic

20 July, 2014

Yesterday I went to a coaching clinic.
It started with a young man with a British accent saying “lovely to meet you” to each of us when shaking our hands.
Of course since he had an accent I trusted him more concerning soccer.

I got some new ideas for coaching. There are some games, make it fun, which incorporate lots of skills. Keep it fun. Give them something they can relate to. Keep it positive, give lots of complements.

Raspberry picking

12 July, 2014

Got out of the tent this morning, and took MrGrunty and MsSqueeky up to pick raspberries. I challenged them, nd that really focused them on picking,…team 2nd graders beat Team-Papa by 9ounces!

Then rushed home to go to a pool with a few of their school friends.

Then rushed home so MrG and MyBetterHalf could go to Marineers game.

MsS and MrCuddles played in the sprinkler.

We are back in the tent tonight.


11 July, 2014

Well, I was surprised to find LeBron will return to Cleveland.

And now, I’m thinking, should I try to find a way to finagle tickets to the Cavs game when they visit Portland for me and MrGrunty. It would be difficult’ and expensive…but how often can you say “I witnessed the best in the world”?

This morning

4 July, 2014

Last night, MrCuddles was the last kid asleep. Naturally he was the first kid awake this morning.

As he came out of his room, he cheerily said “Hi Oliver, today my friend’s birthday. You can’t go to his party, it’s not for cats, it’s for kids. I still love you, but you can’t go to the party.”

Happy 10 birthday Sophie-kitty

2 July, 2014

Yesterday, MrGrunty shuffled out of bed, mumbled at me, “where’s Sophie?” And when I pointed her out, his face got a big smile, and he very sweetly wished her a Happy Birthday. Then he gave her a treat.

Later, when I offered MrCuddles to give her a treat, he laughed, “Sophie’s afraid of me. But I’m not a monster.” And she did run away from him, to go hide under my bed.

MsSqueaky was too busy carrying Oliver-kitty around the house to give Sophie a treat.