…firstly, we visited a different church today. Of course my childrens were double-plus-shy, and didn’t want to be with the other kids. So they went with us to worship.

Music…led by a young singer-songwriter…don’t know how many of the songs were originals.

Don’t ya just hate it when,…the preacher prays for the Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle East, and stops there. That’s all folks, nobody else in the Middle East needs prayers.

That does make it nice and we can get to the picnic promptly since we don’t need to pray for…I dunno…maybe…


  • Kids in the Middle East who may have recently lost their dad due to violence
  • kids in the Middle East who are in the hospital because of a bomb
  • parents in the Middle East who must bury their children
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • people who have given up hope
  • people just trying to go to the market, and getting caught in the blast of a car bomb
  • people just sitting down to dinner, when a rocket targets the apartment next door

The sermon based on John 8:31-36…know the truth. With a bit going into the old ‘we-are-right-other-religions-are-wrong’ preaching that I grew up listening to and grew up believing.

So here’s the thing…and maybe I dozed off and missed it, but if you are gonna preach “we know the way, and if you don’t, then you are going to hell”, then the very least you can do is pray, “Dear God, please let the heathens learn about your love, and be saved.” Then those ex-heathens can be worthy of your prayers.



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  1. Paul McCombs Says:

    Interesting comment. It recalled to me a prayer that was put out by PC USA which Sandy Hackett adapted slightly and read during prayer time at LCPC yesterday. It addresses many of the groups you listed missing out and also implements your later, possibly facetious?, suggestion in the last paragraph.


    May your Spirit of peace and wisdom descend on the Middle East. May the words and actions of Abram haunt the leaders of Palestine and Israel. May they rescue one another, become great nations, and bless all peoples on earth. Protect the innocent and send prophets among them and their leaders to find a just resolution.

    Grant this through Christ our Lord

    Wars rage on the ground, the sea, and in the air in the Ukraine, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and many other places. Families mourn the loss of loved ones and are robbed of hope for a future for their children. Help us see the painful reality that conflict zones cannot be contained. Comfort the grieving and burden the rest of us with this senseless loss of life. Open the way for aid agencies and those offering relief, give them courage and resources to ease the immediate suffering they encounter.

    Grant this through Christ our Lord

    • :-jon Says:

      We visited another place Sunday, and the prayers were for everybody, on both sides in the current major headline wars around the world.

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