It’s vacation week for me and the childrens.

Sunday, the boys and I went to soccer field whilst MsSqueaky and MyBetterHalf were at GirlScouts.  MrGrunty wanted to practice goalie. After a bit, MrCuddles wanted to take a shot. He dribbled up, a time or two had to readjust the ball position by hand, and at the point blank range kicked the ball. MrGrunty moved his legs so the ball would pass between his legs into the goal, and say,”Good job, MrCuddles, you did it.” MrCuddles was overjoyed, and ran down the field, hands in the air, “I did it!”

Recently, the boys were in the back, playing with the sprinkler, and I noticed. Kink in the hose. I told them. MrG was confused. I had MrCuddles explain to his older brother what a kink is, and how to fix it.

MsSqueaky is a Master-Builder with Legos. She and MrCuddles have been building lots, and she is teaching him how to make planes and cars. (And by MasterBuilder, I mean one who imagines, and then builds.)

This morning, MrG woke me, and had a huge smile. “Papa, Sophie-kittie gave me a kiss.” Slowly, she is getting used to the childrens, she even let MsS pet her the other day.  MrCuddles tried, but she ran away. He giggled, “she’s so ‘fraid of me.”   (And after watching MsS walk around the house with Oliver-kitty in what looks like a wrestling hold….


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