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Screaming at God

31 August, 2014

Who am I to complain, my life is pretty good, my children are healthy, my wife is good to me, I’m employed, we have a house…and yet, sometimes I just want to complain for situations that are mostly my fault. (And I realize an American white male is one of the privileged people of all time. I live better than many kings ever did.)

And I know that I speak without knowledge (Job 38) and that I have no answers.

But as my child screaming at me with tears in their eyes, sometimes it’s not fair.

A friend’s fiancé is undergoing cancer treatment, and got an infection after the surgery. They are young, they are happy, God let them have a chance, it’s not fair.

Another friend, their church is in an agriculture community, coping with drought. One of the staff has child exploitation charges, and the youth minister’s young daughter just died. God one of those things can weaken a church, they are doing good work, it’s not fair.

It’s not fair when someone goes to the market and is killed by a bomb or a missile.

It’s not fair when people use the gift of free will to treat others like shit.

It’s not fair that the laws of physics apply to babies growing up in a war zone, or babies fighting a disease.

…and as I tell my childrens…no, sometimes it’s not fair.


MrCuddles graduation

26 August, 2014

Sunday was the graduation ceremony at the daycare for MrCuddles and his two best friends. One will go to our elementary school, the other is on his soccer team. I am a bit emotional about the moving in to next phase…which is good that he’s growing, but I still get a bit teary.

The daycare has been putting on graduation ceremony for a few years. Great Syrian food and a chance for us parents to hangout, since usually we only see each other during a rushed drop-off or a tired pick-up. ( I joke with our friend that was supposed to go to CampTroublesome, “we’ve known each other for six years, now we can hang out.” Part that is pr’olly me, I fear getting to know new people. Once again my kids are helping me.)

they have the graduates sing a song:

The first day for you and me
who would have thought that we would be
just like a family
We all joined hands
and help to learn and understand as the years gone by

Funny how time just flies
Now you got all you need from me, learned your ABC’s
you can read and write your 123s
Now you’re ready, ready for a whole new world

Now today is our last day
and soon we will be on our way
and though the year must end
You’ll remember when we were best of friends
As I watched you grow

I will always know Now you got all you need from me…


The first time I heard MsSqueaky and MrCuddles sing it, two years ago, I loved the song. Who can top nostalgia and cute pre-school singing? I did cry when they sang it at their graduation ceremony. (And I am sad I didn’t blog about that! I did post to TheFacebook….)  Sohad noticed that this year I didn’t cry, and said it is the same with her, always more emotional when the first child graduates.

I told Sohad thank you for raising my children, and that I will miss her being part of my day.  I’m so thankful that I met her.  (My mom used to have a daycare, and every now and then one of her alumni will drop by. I hope we can stay in touch with Sohad. TheFacebook will pro’lly be able to help.)

…so, last year, I decided to wear a suit jacket and tie whilst coaching MrG’s soccer games. I joked that all I know about coaching is that Sir Alex Ferguson dressed nice. So, the night before the first match, MrCuddles and I went shopping to find a neon green neck tie. While out, MrC saw a toy, the best toy in the world, it was a truck, with a trailer, that could hold cars!!! MyBetterHalf got that for him as a graduation present. He yelped, and ran over to hug the truck, and danced around with it.




25 August, 2014

This morning… On way to MrGrunty and MsSqueaky’s day camp (titled “even more basketball!”) …they were eating frosted mini wheats. MrG asked “MsS, how many doubles do you have, or did you already eat?”  Sometimes, mini wheats get stuck together, the childrens love it. MsS answered none. “I have two. Here have one of mine,” MrG said, giving a precious double to his sister.



24 August, 2014

Two weeks ago…kids night at our church. They were talking aboot Goliath, I was drafted to act out the part while our interns told the story. I hammed it up, stomping, knocking over a chair, making faces, scowling… Evidently our Pastor was so impressed by my acting that she mentioned it Sunday in church. My childrens gave me proud smiles when they heard my name.

Last  week the children heard the story of Baby Moses.

tonight, once again I was lucky enough to play with the praise band. Srsly don’t know why they invite me to play my djembey, they are good, I am not. But, I try to be quiet, pay attention, and maybe learn something.  I got a bit too excited during “Blessed be Your Name” and “Everlasting God” and bruised my hand!

The sermon was on Jochebed. How the childrens version of the story leaves out the death squads sent to kill Hebrew boys, how difficult it is to keep a baby from crying, how a mother was weeping sending her baby down the crocodile infested Nile. And today, parents in Central America are sending their children away, on a very dangerous journey, hoping they will have a better life. The children clutching a paper with name and address of relative in America that might be able to help. (I can’t trust my kids to carry clean socks to their room amend put them away!)

after, I thanked our pastor…she was inspired and disturbed about modern Jochebeds by someone that constantly challenges her. I said I haven’t thought much of the news story because it’s depressing. She agreed. But everyday, parents are telling their children “you must leave me. For if you stay it is certain death.”



23 August, 2014

Woke at sunrise, because the we boys were in the tent, whilst the girls (inc. sis inlaw and nieces) were inside.

MrG and I went to park and played around with soccer for an hour.

MsS lost her a tooth.

MrC kept pouncing on Gus cousin.

they went to beach, I stayed home and read

Dinner at a friend’s…yummy food, kids running around leaving parents alone, I fell asleep in hammock, woke because MsS and MrG got burnt whilst making s’mores.

Back in the tent.


A horrible weekend

20 August, 2014

Friday, August 8th….

It started with a visit to an encopresis specialist for MrCuddles. It has been a frustrating few years, try to get him to poo on the potty….and now, a month before school starts, we find he has encopresis. (Blockage in large intestine, so can’t fully have bowel movement.)  It is good to know what is going on, that it is physiological, and good that we have a treatment plan, …but it will be a long process.

(on the plus side, before the appointment, we went to a coffee shop and two young ladies gave MrC the “awwww, he’s so cute”. He was shy )

ok…we’ll face the challenge, we will deal with this as a family…ok.

So, getting ready for camping at CampTroublesome with some friends. While MyBetterHalf was away I discovered our other car didn’t work, and I locked myself out of the house. Finally, at 5:30, (the time I wanted to be cooking dinner over a campfire) we had ALL-OF-OUR-STUFF packed and we were on the road. How do people move, we filled the van for a weekend trip? How did pioneers do it, like “Little House On The Prairie”? I texted our friend, she had a few more errands to run.

It was a long way, and a very windy, narrow dirt road.

i wanted to set up camp quickly, because it would get dark soon in the forest. MrGrunty was complaining about all the mosquitoes. I snarky told him this is their home, get used to it, we’re camping. The mosquitoes hovered around his face.

Tent set up, (so nice to have MyBetterHalf help) stuff inside, fire going, dinner cooking…then it was dark. Not too worried, our friends should be there in next hour. Kids in tent, avoiding bugs. I sat by the fire playing chess. Nice.

i stayed up past 11:00, waiting to help, and offer some food. By that time I was hoping they had car trouble back in Seattle, and not slid off the dirt road into a valley.

Saturday morning, I made bacon and eggs over the fire. By 11am our friends still not there. We walked around the park. Yelled at MrCuddles because he was being careless around rock ledges. Ended up by river bank where they threw rocks, or floated sticks for aboot two hours.

Our friends still weren’t there, we had no cell service, MyBetterHalf even went 5 miles up the road where the ranger suggested we could get reception.

Earlier dinner…but soon MrG was complaining again, and…wow, one of his eyes was getting puffy. Fine, go into the tent at 5pm. They played silly pretend games, I would scold the for rough-housing, because I didn’t want them collapsing the tent.

Sunday morning, up early, making more bacon and eggs over the fire. And when MrG woke, one eye was swollen shut, and the other was very puffy. Hurry up and eat, we gotta go to a doctor. And MrCuddles had a puffy eye!

As we drove away, MrC exclaimed, “they’re still not here?”

Because MsSqueaky didn’t want to get left out of the story, she got car sick on the bumpy drive out of the park!

Finally home, we took the boys to a friend who’s a nurse. She said go to urgent care. Urgent care gave MrG a shot, and called an ambulance to take him to Children’s Hospital. He was freaking out because ether didn’t want to be alone in ambulance. The paramedics said MyBetterHalf could just drive him. I got our YouthMinister to come get me and MsSqueaky, because our other car, still not working.

And our friends, they spent weekend at Childrens, because their five year old got a skull fracture when he fell out a second floor window!  (He’s doing fine.)

yeah…”Troublesome” …not going there again.


16 August, 2014

…so, MyBetterHalf went off to work this morning. Eventually I corralled the childrens to the car to take my mom back to Tacoma.

Then to a birthday party at a bounce house. There were races through obstacle course, MrG wanted me to time him.

Then to in-law-cousin wedding reception. MsS went stayed in the pool. MrG was doing volleyball, playing in pool and racing himself around the yard. MrC was pool and racing around the yard.

Then on way back, I decided to go to store for Pokemon cards I promised the childrens they could purchase. Tip…when changing plans, keep phone with you so wife doesn’t think you crashed on a country road.


15 August, 2014

When I finally got home, I asked “who wants to go practice soccer with me at a park.”

MsSqueaky wanted to. MrCuddles was playing a computer game, my mom was reading a book, and MyBetterHalf and MrGrunty were watching Seahawks pre-season game.

So we had some Papa and MsS time.

Chess ap

7 August, 2014

So I have a chess ap, on my iPhone…been fun. There is a ranking system, and I’m embarrassed to say I have fought my way up to “novice”.


2 August, 2014

And now the human -vs- pet ratio is tied at our home.

sigh….what have I gotten into…

Last week, MsSqueaky came home from a birthday party with two goldfish. One she named…wait for it…”Goldie”.  The other one died while we were camping. On the way home she was wondering what to name it. She suggested GBAtT. I nixed that idea. And evidently I was supposed to tell MsS her fish died, but I didn’t want to ruin camping. So MyBetterHalf told her the nameless fish died. MsS was sad for a minute.

Not sure why, pro’lly because I love watching the joy in their faces, I suggested when we get a tank for Goldie, that they each get a fish.  We got a small aquarium…but we’re told to set it up, and then come back for the fish.

today, we went back for the fish.

MsS picked a Bubble-Eye gold fish.

MrGrunty picked a BlackMoor.

MrCuddles was not behaving, so he didn’t get one. Maybe next week. (He and I took a two mile walk tonight. It was enjoyable for me. )

And do fish even count as a pet, if you can’t pet them?