And now the human -vs- pet ratio is tied at our home.

sigh….what have I gotten into…

Last week, MsSqueaky came home from a birthday party with two goldfish. One she named…wait for it…”Goldie”.  The other one died while we were camping. On the way home she was wondering what to name it. She suggested GBAtT. I nixed that idea. And evidently I was supposed to tell MsS her fish died, but I didn’t want to ruin camping. So MyBetterHalf told her the nameless fish died. MsS was sad for a minute.

Not sure why, pro’lly because I love watching the joy in their faces, I suggested when we get a tank for Goldie, that they each get a fish.  We got a small aquarium…but we’re told to set it up, and then come back for the fish.

today, we went back for the fish.

MsS picked a Bubble-Eye gold fish.

MrGrunty picked a BlackMoor.

MrCuddles was not behaving, so he didn’t get one. Maybe next week. (He and I took a two mile walk tonight. It was enjoyable for me. )

And do fish even count as a pet, if you can’t pet them?


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