A horrible weekend

Friday, August 8th….

It started with a visit to an encopresis specialist for MrCuddles. It has been a frustrating few years, try to get him to poo on the potty….and now, a month before school starts, we find he has encopresis. (Blockage in large intestine, so can’t fully have bowel movement.)  It is good to know what is going on, that it is physiological, and good that we have a treatment plan, …but it will be a long process.

(on the plus side, before the appointment, we went to a coffee shop and two young ladies gave MrC the “awwww, he’s so cute”. He was shy )

ok…we’ll face the challenge, we will deal with this as a family…ok.

So, getting ready for camping at CampTroublesome with some friends. While MyBetterHalf was away I discovered our other car didn’t work, and I locked myself out of the house. Finally, at 5:30, (the time I wanted to be cooking dinner over a campfire) we had ALL-OF-OUR-STUFF packed and we were on the road. How do people move, we filled the van for a weekend trip? How did pioneers do it, like “Little House On The Prairie”? I texted our friend, she had a few more errands to run.

It was a long way, and a very windy, narrow dirt road.

i wanted to set up camp quickly, because it would get dark soon in the forest. MrGrunty was complaining about all the mosquitoes. I snarky told him this is their home, get used to it, we’re camping. The mosquitoes hovered around his face.

Tent set up, (so nice to have MyBetterHalf help) stuff inside, fire going, dinner cooking…then it was dark. Not too worried, our friends should be there in next hour. Kids in tent, avoiding bugs. I sat by the fire playing chess. Nice.

i stayed up past 11:00, waiting to help, and offer some food. By that time I was hoping they had car trouble back in Seattle, and not slid off the dirt road into a valley.

Saturday morning, I made bacon and eggs over the fire. By 11am our friends still not there. We walked around the park. Yelled at MrCuddles because he was being careless around rock ledges. Ended up by river bank where they threw rocks, or floated sticks for aboot two hours.

Our friends still weren’t there, we had no cell service, MyBetterHalf even went 5 miles up the road where the ranger suggested we could get reception.

Earlier dinner…but soon MrG was complaining again, and…wow, one of his eyes was getting puffy. Fine, go into the tent at 5pm. They played silly pretend games, I would scold the for rough-housing, because I didn’t want them collapsing the tent.

Sunday morning, up early, making more bacon and eggs over the fire. And when MrG woke, one eye was swollen shut, and the other was very puffy. Hurry up and eat, we gotta go to a doctor. And MrCuddles had a puffy eye!

As we drove away, MrC exclaimed, “they’re still not here?”

Because MsSqueaky didn’t want to get left out of the story, she got car sick on the bumpy drive out of the park!

Finally home, we took the boys to a friend who’s a nurse. She said go to urgent care. Urgent care gave MrG a shot, and called an ambulance to take him to Children’s Hospital. He was freaking out because ether didn’t want to be alone in ambulance. The paramedics said MyBetterHalf could just drive him. I got our YouthMinister to come get me and MsSqueaky, because our other car, still not working.

And our friends, they spent weekend at Childrens, because their five year old got a skull fracture when he fell out a second floor window!  (He’s doing fine.)

yeah…”Troublesome” …not going there again.


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