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Sporty Sunday Sept 14th

22 September, 2014

After church, as we tend to do, we hung out. MrGrunty and I were in the basement, and he suggested ping-pong. There was lots of laughter when the ball went crazy, shouts of excitement when we beat our record for consecutive hits.

When we got home, MrG and MyBetterHalf settled down to watch the Seahawks. MrCuddles invited me outside to play “Seahawks”. Basically he has a ball, he tells me where to stand and what to do, then he says “hike” and I have to get him (I’m the Cougars) or he throws it to me when we are on the same team. Usually it ends with him running to the other side of the front yard and yelling “touch down”. If I throw to him, and he misses, he’ll pick up the ball and say “pretend that I caught it”

Saturday, MsSqueaky and I travelled all over, looking for some goalie gloves for her. She does not want to share mitts with her brother. OK, Papa & daughter time, and MsS wanting to be a goalie well worth a few extra dollars. Sunday, when the Seahawks game started going poorly, me, her, and MrC went to a park. (But we got a Slurpee first. They’ve never had a Slurpee…what kind of parent am I?) at the park, which was empty, she and I practiced soccer. Her as goalie. Her as attacker. She had me do a couple of dribbling drills. When she was tired, laying down, I suggested I drop the ball at her feet, and could she kick it. She caught it with her feet once!


Last day of summer 2014

21 September, 2014

Woke to the sound of two owls having a conversation. Then a frog joined in. Read some Bible, played some chess, walked down to the water, watched fish jumping, prayed. And eventually made breakfast for everyone.

Wonderful end to summer.


20 September, 2014

Nice day of soccer. So much fun watching MsSqueaky, she’s so focused, serious and beautiful when she’s on the pitch. She took five shots today, very aggressive, it was great. (Side note, I saw MsS fall down four times today, and when on the field she quickly got back up, no crying.)

MrGrunty’s team lucked out to play a team closer to our level. I’m told he made a goal, I was busy getting guys on the bench to go in. We had a rookie player as keeper, and he was having fun, proud of himself and grinning when he stopped the ball. I did get to witness MrG kick the ball almost all the way down the field.

MrCuddles, only pictures today, and had to be coaxed into having his picture taken with his team.

After dinner the adults hung out around the campfire while all the kids rampaged and ransacked our friends campsite.

Blogging from campground

19 September, 2014

Finally, the friends we were supposed to go camping with, we are finally camping! Up by the water, just north of home. Tomorrow morning we have to rush back home for soccer. But then relax time for Saturday evening. When in the tent, MsS said said it almost feels like we are in our back yard. Not true, our grass is much softer than the hard packed ground of the campsite. I made dinner. Steak, cob corn, baked beans. Since it was late, the food tasted alright.


7 September, 2014

He may have the meaning of sport.

Today, we went to a birthday party at bounce house…of course MrGrunty wanted me to  time him on the obstacle course, and then tried to beat his time, excited if he beat it, laughing if he didn’t. Then he challenged me to air hockey…we lined up wrong, because soon enough he was playing air hockey against a three year old. He smiled, he played along, he returned the puck softly, and tried to make it easy for, he even laughed when she scored on him.

tonight we had some friends over for impromptu burgers, and MrG and one of his best friends were in the yard practicing being goalie against each other. There. Was lots of laughter, happy- shrieks by the goalie whenever a goal got made.

Soccer season first games

6 September, 2014

Today, was the first soccer games of the season. Only once in these “eight magical weeks” will I be able to see all three of my childrens play. Sigh.

MsSqueaky was first awake, and she and I had tea and toast while chatting.

it started with MsSqueaky’s team. I love watching her dribble, and she’s gotten better since last year. She can turn, she can steal the ball, she can protect the ball…she took a fall when some stomped her foot, but after halftime, she was back in…as goalie! It’s tough being a goalie…she got frustrated and wanted out. ( on the side, MrG was getting frustrated the other team was doing better.)

between games MrGrunty pulled out his first tooth!

i missed MrCuddles game. I hear he had to be coaxed into taking the field. That’s OK, it’s scary out there. .

MrGrunty’s team…I coach. Luckily the other coach was willing to ref. We have eight boys, all have expressed some interest in being goalie. The Club’s philosophy is “every kid plays 50% of the game.”  My challenge today…I needed to lay out the rules for rotations. I had too many boys pestering me “I want to go in now”. I was very pleased that they did not argue with the ref!  Now I just have to train them don’t pester the coach about rotations. We had some decent plays. We got scored on. I was very pleased that my rookie players got in there, and were running hard, and not afraid. I was very pleased that MrGrunty was much better than last year at accepting us getting scored upon. …now if you’ll allow me a moment to brag aboot my boy …he had a great dive on the ball, and wrapped it up when he was goalie, another time he grabbed the ball quick, pointed down field to one of his friends from last year, and threw the ball past everyone  before they were ready. When he was on the field, they were on defense, he stripped the ball away from the other team, sprint-dribbled down the field and shot a goal. And there was a time when he was goalie, one of the good players was dribbling at him, and I could tell MrG was scared. The kid took the shot, and it looked to me that MrG didn’t even try. It’s tough being goalie.

This evening MrG and I went birthday present shopping.

Tonight, MsS wanted to practice goalie…then we went for a walk in the woods at dusk. She thought it spooky and scary, and clung to my arm.

Quote of the day, MrG, “Can you go to sleep so the tooth fairy will come.”

MrCuddles starts kindergarten

3 September, 2014

Today, MrCuddles started kindergarten. When MyBetterHalf dropped him off, he was expecting that she would return and spend the day with him. He did play with his friend from Sohad’s preschool at recess. And PE was run around in the gym, stop when you the music stops. MsS said she didn’t have time to finish her lunch, MrCuddles told her, “that’ she cause at lunch time you’re not supposed to talk, you’re supposed to eat. That’s what my teacher told me.”

Before school MyBetterHalf spoke with the school nurse, and I spoke with the after school supervisor aboot MrC and his encopresis. They were supportive and reassured that it would be OK.

Last day of summer vacation

2 September, 2014

I spent the day with the childrens. We woke leisurely, MsSqueaky and MrCuddles built a huge fort in the living room, MrCuddeles worked on a puzzle. Then they played hide & seek. We transferred Goldie to the tank with Chubby and ToeKnee. (I hope it works…one less fish bowl will be better. ) then I rushed us out of the house to do something. Busride. Monorail (and again they were lucky enuff to sit next to the driver!).  Pricey lunch at SeattleCentre….run around the fountain, head home, but have ice cream first.

off to meet MrCuddles teacher and explain, warn, aboot encopresis. She seemed relaxed, and calm, and encouraging.

Off to MsS soccer practice, which I got to watch, and volunteered to help. ( I didn’t do much.) It drizzled. It rained. It poured. Thunder. Practice called off for the day. We returned home soaked, and MsS was in bed asleep (at her own volition ) by 7:45.



1 September, 2014

Luckily, there is an uncle to one of my players who was a goal keeper for many years. (He  said he got a Loy of saves because his defenders were not that good! But they had fun.)

so, we had a little goalie clinic, and I mostly just watched, mingled with parents, and chased after errant balls from their punting.

before the clinic, I did a bit of one-on-one, since I know nothing.

Yes…I am sore.