Last day of summer vacation

I spent the day with the childrens. We woke leisurely, MsSqueaky and MrCuddles built a huge fort in the living room, MrCuddeles worked on a puzzle. Then they played hide & seek. We transferred Goldie to the tank with Chubby and ToeKnee. (I hope it works…one less fish bowl will be better. ) then I rushed us out of the house to do something. Busride. Monorail (and again they were lucky enuff to sit next to the driver!).  Pricey lunch at SeattleCentre….run around the fountain, head home, but have ice cream first.

off to meet MrCuddles teacher and explain, warn, aboot encopresis. She seemed relaxed, and calm, and encouraging.

Off to MsS soccer practice, which I got to watch, and volunteered to help. ( I didn’t do much.) It drizzled. It rained. It poured. Thunder. Practice called off for the day. We returned home soaked, and MsS was in bed asleep (at her own volition ) by 7:45.



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