Soccer season first games

Today, was the first soccer games of the season. Only once in these “eight magical weeks” will I be able to see all three of my childrens play. Sigh.

MsSqueaky was first awake, and she and I had tea and toast while chatting.

it started with MsSqueaky’s team. I love watching her dribble, and she’s gotten better since last year. She can turn, she can steal the ball, she can protect the ball…she took a fall when some stomped her foot, but after halftime, she was back in…as goalie! It’s tough being a goalie…she got frustrated and wanted out. ( on the side, MrG was getting frustrated the other team was doing better.)

between games MrGrunty pulled out his first tooth!

i missed MrCuddles game. I hear he had to be coaxed into taking the field. That’s OK, it’s scary out there. .

MrGrunty’s team…I coach. Luckily the other coach was willing to ref. We have eight boys, all have expressed some interest in being goalie. The Club’s philosophy is “every kid plays 50% of the game.”  My challenge today…I needed to lay out the rules for rotations. I had too many boys pestering me “I want to go in now”. I was very pleased that they did not argue with the ref!  Now I just have to train them don’t pester the coach about rotations. We had some decent plays. We got scored on. I was very pleased that my rookie players got in there, and were running hard, and not afraid. I was very pleased that MrGrunty was much better than last year at accepting us getting scored upon. …now if you’ll allow me a moment to brag aboot my boy …he had a great dive on the ball, and wrapped it up when he was goalie, another time he grabbed the ball quick, pointed down field to one of his friends from last year, and threw the ball past everyone  before they were ready. When he was on the field, they were on defense, he stripped the ball away from the other team, sprint-dribbled down the field and shot a goal. And there was a time when he was goalie, one of the good players was dribbling at him, and I could tell MrG was scared. The kid took the shot, and it looked to me that MrG didn’t even try. It’s tough being goalie.

This evening MrG and I went birthday present shopping.

Tonight, MsS wanted to practice goalie…then we went for a walk in the woods at dusk. She thought it spooky and scary, and clung to my arm.

Quote of the day, MrG, “Can you go to sleep so the tooth fairy will come.”


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