Nice day of soccer. So much fun watching MsSqueaky, she’s so focused, serious and beautiful when she’s on the pitch. She took five shots today, very aggressive, it was great. (Side note, I saw MsS fall down four times today, and when on the field she quickly got back up, no crying.)

MrGrunty’s team lucked out to play a team closer to our level. I’m told he made a goal, I was busy getting guys on the bench to go in. We had a rookie player as keeper, and he was having fun, proud of himself and grinning when he stopped the ball. I did get to witness MrG kick the ball almost all the way down the field.

MrCuddles, only pictures today, and had to be coaxed into having his picture taken with his team.

After dinner the adults hung out around the campfire while all the kids rampaged and ransacked our friends campsite.


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