Sporty Sunday Sept 14th

After church, as we tend to do, we hung out. MrGrunty and I were in the basement, and he suggested ping-pong. There was lots of laughter when the ball went crazy, shouts of excitement when we beat our record for consecutive hits.

When we got home, MrG and MyBetterHalf settled down to watch the Seahawks. MrCuddles invited me outside to play “Seahawks”. Basically he has a ball, he tells me where to stand and what to do, then he says “hike” and I have to get him (I’m the Cougars) or he throws it to me when we are on the same team. Usually it ends with him running to the other side of the front yard and yelling “touch down”. If I throw to him, and he misses, he’ll pick up the ball and say “pretend that I caught it”

Saturday, MsSqueaky and I travelled all over, looking for some goalie gloves for her. She does not want to share mitts with her brother. OK, Papa & daughter time, and MsS wanting to be a goalie well worth a few extra dollars. Sunday, when the Seahawks game started going poorly, me, her, and MrC went to a park. (But we got a Slurpee first. They’ve never had a Slurpee…what kind of parent am I?) at the park, which was empty, she and I practiced soccer. Her as goalie. Her as attacker. She had me do a couple of dribbling drills. When she was tired, laying down, I suggested I drop the ball at her feet, and could she kick it. She caught it with her feet once!


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