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Wild Mushroom Show

26 October, 2014

Today went to the PSMS Wild Mushroom Show with my good friend Mionbeam. Mushrooms are amazing. It was a good viewing, mostly because we followed a guide for 90 minutes, and his goal was something interesting about every mushroom. For me still plenty of reasons not to eat wild mushrooms… Many edibles look like poisonous ones to me, some vary by person, some don’t mix with alcohol, some were just discovered to be multiple species, ( for example, they look identical but one smolders in flame and the other just melts), some absorb heavy metals, some will cause abrupt kidney failure weeks later, some have a toxin that build up over years.

Fascinating stuff,,, used as dyes, and color of mushroom not a good predictor of color of dye, mycorrhizae-tree root relationship fascinating, honey mushroom (largest organism, killing forests) -vs- sulfur tart, mushroom combat, fascinating variety of spore dispersal, honey bees seem to like to eat mycorrhizae – which they don’t get when feed HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup.


Song of the now

23 October, 2014

Song of the now is:

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. I like the message of the lyrics,song is full of fun, I heart the sax riff, the drum beat is cool, I am amused the the drums tacit when she sings “I never miss a beat”, it’s singable for the masses…except for that beautiful note she hits after the spoken-word-full-of-attitude-bridge.

Previously… It was “Fancy” …just fun. The bass riff I like.

Previously to that…MrGrunty asked me who my favorite singer is. Sade. He had no idea who she was. (Side note…I must be failing as a parent, MsSqueaky didn’t know who Eddie Van Halen is.) I discovered her song “Love Is Found”. Beautiful.

MrG has mentioned I only like “girl songs”. Well, I do have a preference for female voice…however…

Jack White “Lazeretto”…dualing fiddles at end!

Bastille “Pompeii”

Gungar “Beautiful Things”

Bleachers “I wanna get better”

…other songs I like these days…

Emenim & Rihanna “Monster”
Sia “Chandelier”
Paramore “Ain’t it fun”
Katy Perry “Dark Horse”
Ingrid Michelson “Girls Chase Boys”

MrCuddles day

22 October, 2014

…so…as the school likes to do, they have half of the kindergartners start on first day, then take the second day off so the other half can start. So, after we dropped MrGrunty and MsSqueaky off at school, it was Papa & MrCuddles day. He wanted to ride a bus. We took the 41 downtown. Then we took the South lake Union Streetcar. Visited the Center for Wooden Boats. Then Museum of History and Industry, where, his favorite thing was playing with the blocks in the lunch room. Then outside to watch sea-planes, and he played in the water on the sunny and warm day. image image


18 October, 2014

Soccer Saturday

MrCuddles took to the field and played soccer with his team during a game. I’m told, he was cold, didn’t have a jacket, and MyBetterHalf told him he would warm up if he was running around.

I attempted to be a ref foe MrGrunty’s game. MrG did some fancy footwork to get past a few guys. One of his friends was on the other team, and they were chatting a bit during dead ball.

MsSqueaky was wonderful again. Love watching her play. She and one of her BFFs were communicating and passing to each other. She made a goal, when goalie was not paying attention. And, special surprise, her school teacher was there to watch.

Soccer practice

13 October, 2014

Tonight, after soccer, one of the boys asked me if I was going to coach next year. My ego started thinking of why I was so popular with the kids, I’m fun, I listen to them, I’m nice to them, …” Because I like hot apple cider!!!” the boy exclaimed.

Yeah, I brought hot cider tonight to practice. Yup, I expect to be getting my coach of the year nomination in the mail…

Box Trolls and gymnasts

12 October, 2014

Yesterday, we took the childrens to see The Box Trolls. They seemed to enjoy it. I liked it visually. Most of the scenes could’ve been shortened a bit.

Then we went to a meet the gymnastics team event at UW. I was very happy, the event was in their practice facility, and so, I was only a few yards away when they were demonstrating my favorite event, the uneven bars.

Creativity rants

11 October, 2014

…so, when I was growing up…which, true was a long time ago… “They” said one should study music, dance, theatre because helps creativity. They never mentioned the creativity of sports. (Remember, my egotistical and narrow, definition of sports, two teams, actively trying to stop each other, from doing something with a ball.)

I played a lot of concerts, 4th grade through 12th grade. There was not much chance to express myself on the viola. First thing, I had to play the notes, (varying amounts of success) and do what conductor wanted (less success). You can’t do your own thing in an orchestra. There’s not much room for creativity in orchestra.

As I watch my childrens play soccer, they have a goal in mind, very simple one, but people are trying to stop them*. They need to on the fly, figure out a way to get past an opponent, to see the ever changing field and quickly decide what to do.

I’ll end with the argumentative “Athletes are more creative than musicians in the orchestra.”

(Currently the childrens are banging on drums and piano upstairs.)

*regarding “actively trying to stop you”…please cue up The Blues Brothers “Stand By Your Man“, where the band plays while having beer bottles thrown at them.

Keeper MsSqeaky

6 October, 2014

Saturday…I took MrCuddles to his soccer game. I. Even brought kid sized folding chairs in hopes that would encourage him to sit with his teammates. Nope, the usual for him, off playing, wandering on rock wall, no interest in playing in the game or being close to the field. It’s his choice. He gets so few choices, we nag him about doing chores, school, bedtime, potty-time, …and soccer is his chance to make a decision. So, I gotta respect his decision. But, when it was after game snack time, we left without him getting a snack. He was very upset about that.

MrGrunty’s game. Not fun for me… A boy got upset in goal box because too many people were shooting on him at the same time, while I was blathering with opposite teams coach. I should have organized the players with instructions. I was telling a player who was goal keeper to “throw the ball to a teammate.” And his dad then told him, “just kick it.” I tried to explain that he has no control when he kicks. The dad then told the boy to kick it if he wants. I shouldn’t care. And I don’t know much aboot soccer. However, I’m pretty sure that a player is supposed to listen to the coach. And when we give them conflicting messages, it’s not fair to them, and starts on the path of not listening to coaches.

Thankfully, one of my favorite parts of the week. Watching MsSqueaky play soccer. She was goalie when I arrived (from MrC game). I’m told she missed the first few, but coach kept her in. I saw her stop a ball, I cheered extra loud to let her know I was there, she smiled at me, then threw the ball to her team mate. She stopped a few more. When her team scored she cheered from goalie box. (Did I mention she was wearing HER goalie gloves that she and I spent an afternoon looking for. Very good purchase!) Second half she was on the field, and there was more wonderful to watch. Before a kickoff, she ran up to each of her teammates, said a few words, pointing at an opposing player. She had an assist to her BFF who got a goal. MsS even scored a goal, I didn’t think it would go, the box was crowded, but she followed through and kicked it in.

Later that night, MsS spent night at her other BFF. And MrG’s friend stayed night with us.