Keeper MsSqeaky

Saturday…I took MrCuddles to his soccer game. I. Even brought kid sized folding chairs in hopes that would encourage him to sit with his teammates. Nope, the usual for him, off playing, wandering on rock wall, no interest in playing in the game or being close to the field. It’s his choice. He gets so few choices, we nag him about doing chores, school, bedtime, potty-time, …and soccer is his chance to make a decision. So, I gotta respect his decision. But, when it was after game snack time, we left without him getting a snack. He was very upset about that.

MrGrunty’s game. Not fun for me… A boy got upset in goal box because too many people were shooting on him at the same time, while I was blathering with opposite teams coach. I should have organized the players with instructions. I was telling a player who was goal keeper to “throw the ball to a teammate.” And his dad then told him, “just kick it.” I tried to explain that he has no control when he kicks. The dad then told the boy to kick it if he wants. I shouldn’t care. And I don’t know much aboot soccer. However, I’m pretty sure that a player is supposed to listen to the coach. And when we give them conflicting messages, it’s not fair to them, and starts on the path of not listening to coaches.

Thankfully, one of my favorite parts of the week. Watching MsSqueaky play soccer. She was goalie when I arrived (from MrC game). I’m told she missed the first few, but coach kept her in. I saw her stop a ball, I cheered extra loud to let her know I was there, she smiled at me, then threw the ball to her team mate. She stopped a few more. When her team scored she cheered from goalie box. (Did I mention she was wearing HER goalie gloves that she and I spent an afternoon looking for. Very good purchase!) Second half she was on the field, and there was more wonderful to watch. Before a kickoff, she ran up to each of her teammates, said a few words, pointing at an opposing player. She had an assist to her BFF who got a goal. MsS even scored a goal, I didn’t think it would go, the box was crowded, but she followed through and kicked it in.

Later that night, MsS spent night at her other BFF. And MrG’s friend stayed night with us.



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