Song of the now

Song of the now is:

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. I like the message of the lyrics,song is full of fun, I heart the sax riff, the drum beat is cool, I am amused the the drums tacit when she sings “I never miss a beat”, it’s singable for the masses…except for that beautiful note she hits after the spoken-word-full-of-attitude-bridge.

Previously… It was “Fancy” …just fun. The bass riff I like.

Previously to that…MrGrunty asked me who my favorite singer is. Sade. He had no idea who she was. (Side note…I must be failing as a parent, MsSqueaky didn’t know who Eddie Van Halen is.) I discovered her song “Love Is Found”. Beautiful.

MrG has mentioned I only like “girl songs”. Well, I do have a preference for female voice…however…

Jack White “Lazeretto”…dualing fiddles at end!

Bastille “Pompeii”

Gungar “Beautiful Things”

Bleachers “I wanna get better”

…other songs I like these days…

Emenim & Rihanna “Monster”
Sia “Chandelier”
Paramore “Ain’t it fun”
Katy Perry “Dark Horse”
Ingrid Michelson “Girls Chase Boys”


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