Wild Mushroom Show

Today went to the PSMS Wild Mushroom Show with my good friend Mionbeam. Mushrooms are amazing. It was a good viewing, mostly because we followed a guide for 90 minutes, and his goal was something interesting about every mushroom. For me still plenty of reasons not to eat wild mushrooms… Many edibles look like poisonous ones to me, some vary by person, some don’t mix with alcohol, some were just discovered to be multiple species, ( for example, they look identical but one smolders in flame and the other just melts), some absorb heavy metals, some will cause abrupt kidney failure weeks later, some have a toxin that build up over years.

Fascinating stuff,,, used as dyes, and color of mushroom not a good predictor of color of dye, mycorrhizae-tree root relationship fascinating, honey mushroom (largest organism, killing forests) -vs- sulfur tart, mushroom combat, fascinating variety of spore dispersal, honey bees seem to like to eat mycorrhizae – which they don’t get when feed HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup.


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