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Gospel night

30 November, 2014

Tonight was gospel music theme night at church. For some reason they still invite me to play djembe along with the band.


NBA city

29 November, 2014

Recently, thinking aboot going to Portland, catching a Blazers – Rockets game so MrG could see his favorite player (James Harden) play in person. Then I was thinking what other players would I want to see… Of course the Spurs… LeBron…

Then it dawned on me…if you live in an NBA city, it is possible for you to see the top players in the world, every year. (unless the Spurs are resting…or Derrick Rose is injured…)  What other event can provide that? Every team visits every NBA city at least once. NFL plays too few games. MLB not enough inter league play. Soccer has best leagues spread out over Europe and South America.

I guess NHL does.

And now, years later, I’m angry with David Stern.


Volleyball UW vs Stanford

28 November, 2014

I went solo to watch the UW (ranked #5) vs Stanford (ranked #1) Wednesday night. Stanford is good. There were a lot of times when both teams would save the ball and the volley would continue. Stanford was full of confidence and positively encouraging each other while in a loud arena of 8000 Husky fans. I like how after each point volleyball teams meet for a quick huddle. I enjoy the fakes, trickery, grace and power. Sometimes a strong spike attack, sometimes a light tap.



28 November, 2014

Lazy day at home…

the childrens have mostly been playing nicely with each other

they played bookstore…where MrG was the owner and they would purchase MyBetterHalf’s books and take the upstairs.

they played Santas Elves…and took their toys downstairs. When I told them to quit messing up my room, MrC threw fit, but when I said, “what if you elves deliver the toys to kids?” They did, and took their toys back up stairs, one at a time, announcing who the toy was going to

MrCuddles…”G, is the street 213?”  “No, it’s 243.”  “OK”


MsS made soup for dinner, using turkey stock I made from yesterday’s carcass. She is taking a cooking class after school. (MrC is in a Lego class. MrG is in a soccer club, which he doesn’t like because his friends are doing basketball, and the club is full of first graders.)

MrC and MsS were playing store, she took something, he came crying to us, I said, “a robber ? You better call the police!” And played cops and robbers with them. MrG was reading his book.

then monster hide and seek.

Then we cleaned up.

now they are throwing sno-balls in a bag…when the bag is full, they dump it on the winner.



Five hours

28 November, 2014

Sometimes, five hours is not long enough time to catch up with a friend. Recently, one of my best friends from high school (CC) was in town. Her mother recently passed away. (March)

We met in Tacoma, and talked for several hours in Denny’s, then a few more in parking lot. It was great for me, she was very polite to listen to my blathering.

She told me aboot her process of becoming Christian… there was a friend of ours in high school, who would tell her of the strength, love and joy of being Christian. They would have polite conversation, but CC would ignore her. Years later, CC got a music gig with a church, and they went against protocol and didn’t even ask her religious affiliation, which was none at the time. Having plenty of time to think during the sermons, my friend slowly accepted Jesus. She tells this story to her youth groups, don’t badger, be positive, you never know what foundations you are building.

We have hope for the new Pope, though neither of us are Catholic. We hope, regarding child abuse by clergy, covered up by church, that the Catholic Church apologizes, admitting that it failed the children, it failed The Church, it failed society, it even failed the child molesters.

(…months later… I’m posting this draft…)


Coaches meeting

25 November, 2014

Note to self…

  • Bring name tags so I can hopefully learn players names quickly
  • call school to get janitor contact info
  • learn location of first aid kit
  • write down address of practice location
  • don’t forget water breaks

Old school basketball game

24 November, 2014

Long ago…like early 1980s…I had a hand held basketball game. The players were represented by red dots, and could only be in one of like 30 spots. I loved that thing.

(mucho gracious to Pablo for the tip…)


WWJD – hack a Shaq

23 November, 2014

I wonder about folks who say they live by the what would Jesus do principle. Would Jesus employ the Hack-a-shack defense? Shaq was unstoppable, and close to basket, almost guaranteed 2 points. But if you foul him, then likely he’ll only get one point, because he’s terrible at free hrows. An action that is foul is technically against the rules…but tactical fouling is a legitimate part of the game. Is a foul a sin? Is attacking someone where they have a weakness unchristian?

Maybe a sermon today would’ve helped me with these important theological issues. Maybe a friend in seminary can help me out.

Instead, we went to watch UW volleyball. Win!

And later, I took the childrens to UW soccer… Ended with a win…after many penalty kicks. We were cold. The children wanted to go. But I said we needed to stay and cheer for our team.


Open court at YMCA

22 November, 2014

After MrCuddles swim lesson, me and MrG played a bit of basketball on an open court. Soon, a kid asked if he could okay with us. I said sure, but since there are two, I’ll play tough defense so they better pass. The boys did pretty good passing to each other. I did a lot of running back and forth. They won, 10-5.

Then, we up with MyBetterHalf who was leading MsSqueaky and some other Girl Scouts at the zoo. MrG  very excited about the “SNAKE HOUSE!!!”  I enjoyed watching the wolves trot around while carrying their turkey carcasses.

Im lazy right now…and the childrens are watching Wreck It Ralph. I best make them popcorn as I promised.

After the movie, MsS ran up to me, pulled me from my chair, “papa, it’s time to dance!” So me and the childrens danced to the music in the credits. MrG said, “Mommy’s missing all the fun!”


Coaching basketball

21 November, 2014


If all the paperwork goes right, I will be the assistant coach for MsSqueaky’s basketball team. And I’m friends with her coach. I helped a bit last year. Looking forward to having fun!