Last soccer games of 2014

MrCuddles played in his game!

MsSqueaky…cold drizzle. I had to run back to get MsS goalie mitts for her teammate to borrow. (The coaches bag of soccer supplies was stolen!) I brought hot cider for halftime. Not sure if that was a mistake, because since I was close to her’ she relaxed a bit and cried to me about a finger injury. I snuck away, her coach got her back to OK, and she was playing strong again for second half. At halftime, when they switched goals,…the sun came out, and blinded our goalie! After, coach handed out trophies, the team gave him a jacket, then we went for brunch.

MrGrunty…so…last year he would get very upset at losing, or making a mistake…a few times I had to carry him off the field because he was on the ground crying. This year, he was much more mature and better at dealing with his negative emotions. I mentioned this to him, started with stating how he was last year, and he interrupted, with the saddest voice, “Papa, I am getting better” I hugged him tight, and yes, very much reassuring him, he was getting much better. This year, he got upset twice, one time the night after he spent the night with a friend. The other time when he got shoved, (that team was very physical and/or clumsy…they were knocking down my team, and each other a lot), when he was making a goal. This season he and I had an agreement, I would call out to him, and ask if he was OK, and he would give a thumbs up or thumbs down.

MrG last game…he almost booted the ball over the 12 foot fence. I joked to other coach “three points for field goal, right?” Our youngest player was real close to the goal, and we parents were cheering, and he got the goal! (MrG got a goal, too, but I was busy with the boys on the bench.) There was a fast break by other team, one of their boys was 10 yards ahead of everyone, dribbling straight towards our goalie. MrG did not give up on the play! He sprinted as fast as he could to try and catch the ball, and got pretty close too. Last four minutes of the game, I put in the four boys from last year, and let them finish together. After, all the parents of both teams together did the “victory tunnel”, which is what I’ve wanted all season. Usually, each team has their own VT. (Parents make tunnel with their arms, cheering as players run through.) only about half the teams did it this year, I think the boys are getting too old for it. But our boys enjoyed it for our last game.


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