Choir concert

Last Sunday, PastorSandy preached on the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Imagine the longest trip you’ve ever taken. Now imagine taking it with everyone is Seattle and Bellevue. Now imagine that no one brought any food (Exodus 12:39, what Pastor likes to call the “oh, by the way” passages).  The sermon was aboot bringing order out of chaos

  1. Notice what God has done for you (Ex. 15:20-21)
  2. drink fresh water and share (Ex. 15:27)
  3. eat nourishing food (Ex. 16:11-12, 18)
  4. take a day off, and prepare for it (Ex. 16:23)
  5. offer to help (Ex. 17:12) Moses here not mature enough to ask for help
  6. ask for help (Ex. 18) Moses has grown
  7. the Ten Commandments are a recap of what God started

After, since recently we visited a different church, and they did the doxology…different. I went to MusicDirectorKathy, and tried to tell her that the way she plays the doxology is perfect. Just like Kraft Mac & Cheese ™ and Yale Quartet playing Beethoven’s String Quartet #14. She smiled, nodded, and told me out hymnal has it different than the hymnal she had growing up.

Afternoon, I went to see a benefit concert by several church choirs. I’m proud to say that the song I liked best, was sung by our church choir. “Revelation Song” by Jennie Lee Riddle. It was a nice song, and it fit the style and skill set of our choir.

…a year later, as I was sitting there at the beginning of the concert, I was still nervous…


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