Last Sunday

…last Sunday, I was teaching Bible class. I had the elementary children…(plus a Jr High kid who didn’t want to listen to the sermon). Our lesson was on the exodus of Israelites from Egypt.

So…recently, when I am teaching Bible class (or coaching soccer) I get super animated, over expressive with hand motions and facial expressions, (all eyes on me) then quickly asking questions (pay attention to them) see what they remember from last time, asking them how they would feel about parts of the story (“What? There would be frogs in my coffee! That’s disgusting”), letting them answer questions in there own way.

It’s funny, there’s a script for me for class. I read it the day before, and the day of. But sometimes, like last Sunday I don’t look at it during class. Other times I write out notes for me to follow, (in messy scribble, and in German-so if students get my notes, they can’t read them.) maybe because last Sunday there was a script for us to put on a little play. We know the format, quick review, quick go over the story, make a few props while I read to them, rehearse twice and then perform. My two fifth graders read the script while the second graders acted it out with paper puppets.

And…now I realize, as per usual when I teach, we left out the prayers part. It is so difficult for me to pray. I’m a terrible example to my children.

After church we had turkey dinner at church. I chatted with my friend about repentance and forgiveness (Is it really repentance if we know we’ll do it again?) and other theology matters.

That afternoon…my poor sweet shy boy MrGrunty. He had a birthday party, but we arrived a bit late, and circles of friends were already formed, and MrG just doesn’t assert himself in a crowd, and was sitting alone eating pizza, and didn’t want me to leave, and then left the party early because he didn’t want to be left alone and MrCuddles and I were off to have some Papa & MrC time. Instead we went home and watched the last exciting bit of Seahawks game. (Two Seahawks fumbles is a row, both recovered by ‘hawks, Eli Manning going for it on 4th and 10, ball slipping out of Eli’s hand…)

Then to pick up MsSqueaky from GirlScouts. She wanted to have a play date with her BFF, who she had already been with for the previous six-and-half hours!

Then rush to watch #2 ranked UW Volleyball team. We were late. MrG was upset, because he doesn’t like to be late, and he does not want to miss any sport event.

Then back home to finally be reunited with MyBetterHalf, who went to Spokane for the weekend.

And our friend Meighs visited to watch TheWalkingDead with us. Thoughts on show…
1) really, you’re gonna use a bookshelf on wheels to block the door? ok’ whatevers.
2) I like the quick little no dialogue bits where they show them competent (water from toilet, thread from book binding, coat hangers for grill)
3) From previews I thought for sure Rosetta would die. especially with all the love between her and Sgt-dude that suddenly was on display.
4) Firehose? OK. Whatevers.
5) they seem to have a new video editor some of the flash backs felt like we had missed a second. Couple weeks ago with the long stare at no movement on screen when Termites attacked church.

And I apologize for not realizing that Beth was trapped in Rape-Hospital last week. As a viewer I was focusing on 1) modern medicine, 2) clean clothes, 3) safe sleep from zombies, 4) no cannibals…that I just thought creepy cop was just creepy, and expected to be rewarded with sex, not that the whole hospital was rapist delight. Maybe had the cop-in-charge said “we need to repopulate” or “these men that protect us have needs” I might have caught on a bit quicker. Sorry.



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