Open court at YMCA

After MrCuddles swim lesson, me and MrG played a bit of basketball on an open court. Soon, a kid asked if he could okay with us. I said sure, but since there are two, I’ll play tough defense so they better pass. The boys did pretty good passing to each other. I did a lot of running back and forth. They won, 10-5.

Then, we up with MyBetterHalf who was leading MsSqueaky and some other Girl Scouts at the zoo. MrG  very excited about the “SNAKE HOUSE!!!”  I enjoyed watching the wolves trot around while carrying their turkey carcasses.

Im lazy right now…and the childrens are watching Wreck It Ralph. I best make them popcorn as I promised.

After the movie, MsS ran up to me, pulled me from my chair, “papa, it’s time to dance!” So me and the childrens danced to the music in the credits. MrG said, “Mommy’s missing all the fun!”



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