WWJD – hack a Shaq

I wonder about folks who say they live by the what would Jesus do principle. Would Jesus employ the Hack-a-shack defense? Shaq was unstoppable, and close to basket, almost guaranteed 2 points. But if you foul him, then likely he’ll only get one point, because he’s terrible at free hrows. An action that is foul is technically against the rules…but tactical fouling is a legitimate part of the game. Is a foul a sin? Is attacking someone where they have a weakness unchristian?

Maybe a sermon today would’ve helped me with these important theological issues. Maybe a friend in seminary can help me out.

Instead, we went to watch UW volleyball. Win!

And later, I took the childrens to UW soccer… Ended with a win…after many penalty kicks. We were cold. The children wanted to go. But I said we needed to stay and cheer for our team.



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