Five hours

Sometimes, five hours is not long enough time to catch up with a friend. Recently, one of my best friends from high school (CC) was in town. Her mother recently passed away. (March)

We met in Tacoma, and talked for several hours in Denny’s, then a few more in parking lot. It was great for me, she was very polite to listen to my blathering.

She told me aboot her process of becoming Christian… there was a friend of ours in high school, who would tell her of the strength, love and joy of being Christian. They would have polite conversation, but CC would ignore her. Years later, CC got a music gig with a church, and they went against protocol and didn’t even ask her religious affiliation, which was none at the time. Having plenty of time to think during the sermons, my friend slowly accepted Jesus. She tells this story to her youth groups, don’t badger, be positive, you never know what foundations you are building.

We have hope for the new Pope, though neither of us are Catholic. We hope, regarding child abuse by clergy, covered up by church, that the Catholic Church apologizes, admitting that it failed the children, it failed The Church, it failed society, it even failed the child molesters.

(…months later… I’m posting this draft…)



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