Lazy day at home…

the childrens have mostly been playing nicely with each other

they played bookstore…where MrG was the owner and they would purchase MyBetterHalf’s books and take the upstairs.

they played Santas Elves…and took their toys downstairs. When I told them to quit messing up my room, MrC threw fit, but when I said, “what if you elves deliver the toys to kids?” They did, and took their toys back up stairs, one at a time, announcing who the toy was going to

MrCuddles…”G, is the street 213?”  “No, it’s 243.”  “OK”


MsS made soup for dinner, using turkey stock I made from yesterday’s carcass. She is taking a cooking class after school. (MrC is in a Lego class. MrG is in a soccer club, which he doesn’t like because his friends are doing basketball, and the club is full of first graders.)

MrC and MsS were playing store, she took something, he came crying to us, I said, “a robber ? You better call the police!” And played cops and robbers with them. MrG was reading his book.

then monster hide and seek.

Then we cleaned up.

now they are throwing sno-balls in a bag…when the bag is full, they dump it on the winner.




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