Sermon notes

Recent sermons…and if I misunderstood my pastor, I’m sorry.

So…how we got the Bible… The children of Israel were people of the Temple, but when taken into captivity, they no longer could go to temple, so, to cling to who they were, to keep their identity, the became “people of the book” collecting all the things they had written, the laws, poems, stories, genealogies.

Speaking of those genealogies….there’s something a bit unusual aboot the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew. Five women are mentioned. All experienced great personal tragedy. Likely four of them were not Isrealites.

Also…untypical… The shepards, were dregs of society. (I read a book once about reading Bible through history of agriculture lens.) The dregs got the Good News.

And…I like the juxposition of Jesus… Shepard (dregs of society) and King.

(BTW…been thinking aboot this a while, King David raped Bathsheba. He had so much power, she didn’t have any choice in the matter. How powerful was David? so much that God’s prophet -who David revered- was afraid to call the king out for his sin, having to approach with a parable. Last Sunday, first time I heard from pulpit that Bathsheba was raped. In my youth I had a Bible class teacher ask, what was she doing taking a bath where David could see her. Blaming the victim. A friend said once “I have every right to walk naked and drunk down an alleyway safely.”)


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