Basketball games

My Father-in-law is too kind to me, and had NBA games on the main TV all Christmas Day.

  • Wizards – Knicks…. Oh the mess that is the NY Knickerbockers. Why did Phil Jackson that the job as president ? Did he look at the roster, did he notice the bloated payroll? Why did he pick a rookie coach?
  • Thunder – Spurs…. Spurs missing Kawhi, Thundering missing Durant.
  • Cavs – Heat … Caves are still getting to know each other, while Heat have basically been together four years. What? Bosh didn’t play. Hmmm…Heat still pretty good.
  • Lakers – Bulls… Kobe sat out, because “I’m old “. Team did alright… Well, not really.
  • Warriors – Clippers….Father In Law joked, five years ago who would’ve thought we would want to see these two teams. This was a fun game to watch. MsS asked who I wanted to win. I huts wanted a close game…it was until the end.

Boxing Day

Rockets v Grizzlies… MrG’s favorite team is the Rockets, because James Harden is his favorite player. I’m partial to Griz, because I like Zebo and Gasol.  But Josh Smith… Talented, not thriving with previous team, maybe he’ll work out for Rockets. I hope so.


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