So… I wanted to make rice and chili for dinner. Since my brother in law is with us, was going to double the usual amount, and use TWO cups of dry rice. Easy, right?

i got the trusty two cup measuring cup, and twice measured out two cups of water. Set that to boil.

You know what would be nice? A bit of celery in the rice. True, it would be nicer to have a mirepoix, but I didn’t have carrots and onions. I really should shop better. I have the skill and knowledge to have better food. 2015 I will definitely do better at cooking.

Chopped celery in boiling water. Add some garlic and herbs. Time to add rice. Let’s see, the two cup measuring cup is wet. Don’t wanna use the one cup measuring cup…because would have to measure twice, and who has time for that?!?

ah…the four cup measuring cup. Fill that up. Add FOUR carefully measured cups of rice.

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(30 minutes)

that’s weird…why is the rice crunchy???




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