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College basketball

17 January, 2015

…so… I am lucky enough to be assistant coach for MsSqueaky’s basketball team. Coach’s niece plays for a local community college and we went to watch. Great fun, cheap, kids free, great seats – sat second row mid court.

I pointed out to MsS that the shortest woman on the court had scored most points for her team. (Last week MsS was intimidated by a couple tall girls.)

I think I’ll try to catch some more games. I might learn something.

Also…pondering taking to the court myself…seems there’s a league in Seattle, and they try to match people …from ex college to never played.

Oh for the love of the game… Will my old knees and sore feet and out of shape body even let me? (note: in my peak, I was slow and short and couldn’t shoot a basketball.)



17 January, 2015

The other night, past his bedtime, MrCuddles whispers to me, with a huge smile on his face, “Papa, we are on the letter Z! And then, we are going to start over the alphabet again.”

I am also happy to say that he is much better at getting ready for school than his siblings were at his age. Either he learned from them, or I am more organized. Yeah…he learned from them.

He wore shorts to school today. Because I didn’t see the need to fight aboot it.

He’s been wanting to play basketball with me, and is super excited when he wins.

Last week we had friends over to watch Seahawks, MrC told me he was going to play with his best friend first, and then play with his other friends. (After, I asked, he laughed, “No, I just played with my best friend.”). And he’s been making a rule book for the friends that will visit for Sundays Seahawks game, dealing with things that evidently went wrong last time, “no candy in bedroom….no opening the door on someone’s foot,….no hitting people on the head,… No hitting people on the back.”


11 January, 2015

Quote of the day, after Church one of the interns said, “I wonder if God laughs at us the way we laugh at kids” when me and my friend were comparing child stories while our daughters were playing with their AmericanGirlDolls(tm). Lucky for us, God is a lot more patient and forgiving. (Right??? Having this debate with my brother right now, and pretty sure we’re not understanding each other.) We also chatted a bunch on theology, (glad we went today, her children’s sermon was aboot baptism), …how in New Testament tradition, scripture was communal, discussion and debate were expected.

Runner-up quote…from sermon, “the pastor’s job is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Me and the boys set up the table tennis on the dining room table , that MrG got from his sister for Xmas. We had fun playing. MrG used a fake accent when announcing the score. Did he watch Wimbledon ?

Then took the boys to their school so they could play football with each other. I tried to read, but they were so cute I had to watch. After a bathroom break I played soccer with them.

At home, MsS showed me her first aid kit she made at GirlScouts. Then we watched music videos together.

At bedtime, MsS reminded me about Bible story! I read the story of Ehud…you know, where Ehud murders a king. MrG perked awake when he heard aboot the stabbing. And funny enough, this morning our intern told me, “kids are really interested in that stuff” when talking about all the smiting in the Bible.

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

9 January, 2015

BitterKat suggested I read Josh Malerman’s “Bird Box”.

Evidently I liked it, because I finished it two nights of reading. It’s told in present tense, a monster story, to keep safe you have to keep your eyes closed.

“How many times did she question her duty as a mother as she trained the children into listening machines?”

Usually I avoid horror, because it’s either scary or silly. The first night, I was OK, fun read, not scared. Wait. All the curtains are closed in the living room. That’s why I’m safe. But the kitchen has no curtains!!! That did freak me out a bit at 1am. Tonight, while reading, MsSqueaky came to me, “papa, I’m afraid of the dark.”

Cleaning up

3 January, 2015

So….I found pictures of the in-laws whilst cleaning up the loft today. I’ve known them like…. Heck, almost 20 years.

bro-in-law-R was helpful. We got rid of a bunch do stuff, including a Tv that MyBetterHalf and I purchased, and then got it back to her place by bus. It wasn’t that heavy…for the first four blocks.