Quote of the day, after Church one of the interns said, “I wonder if God laughs at us the way we laugh at kids” when me and my friend were comparing child stories while our daughters were playing with their AmericanGirlDolls(tm). Lucky for us, God is a lot more patient and forgiving. (Right??? Having this debate with my brother right now, and pretty sure we’re not understanding each other.) We also chatted a bunch on theology, (glad we went today, her children’s sermon was aboot baptism), …how in New Testament tradition, scripture was communal, discussion and debate were expected.

Runner-up quote…from sermon, “the pastor’s job is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Me and the boys set up the table tennis on the dining room table , that MrG got from his sister for Xmas. We had fun playing. MrG used a fake accent when announcing the score. Did he watch Wimbledon ?

Then took the boys to their school so they could play football with each other. I tried to read, but they were so cute I had to watch. After a bathroom break I played soccer with them.

At home, MsS showed me her first aid kit she made at GirlScouts. Then we watched music videos together.

At bedtime, MsS reminded me about Bible story! I read the story of Ehud…you know, where Ehud murders a king. MrG perked awake when he heard aboot the stabbing. And funny enough, this morning our intern told me, “kids are really interested in that stuff” when talking about all the smiting in the Bible.


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