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Sometimes learning hurts

21 February, 2015

me and the Childrens went roller skating today. A lot of falling down. A lot of crying. It was loud pop music, so if I was away, I couldn’t hear them crying. And, by the time I got back, they had dusted themselves off and were off again. MrCuddles after a bit, just took off his skates and hung out with his uncle. I did a lap, in my socks with each of them. I did some solo. Every now and then, I would get it, for a second, and then go back to being clumsy. The twins did some solo. MrG wants to go back…which is good, because the first ten minutes he hated it.

Then we bowled with our friends. MsS was getting upset she wasn’t any good.


Basketball today

14 February, 2015

MrCuddles was having fun playing some basketball with me today. He was also dribbling along the side during his siblings games. Or coloring. Yay, not playing an electronic device! speaking of electronic devices…I was playing a football game with MrGrunty. He got upset when I did a silly play, instead of getting the touchdown at the end of the half. Later, played some chase game where get coins with MsSqueaky…they laughed at how terrible I am. MsS usually got 200 coins. I finally got 51 coins…they cheered for me. MrG game. I’m wondering if he likes basketball… He just doesn’t seem to have the hustle he did last year. But he’s very serious on the court, so hard to say. He did get coach yell out “good defense” to him. And he stole the ball and went down and got the basket. MsS told me she wants to be a basketball player and a soccer player when she grows up. She was playing a lot today, taking extra shots when ever there wasn’t a game. MsS game…we think it was the first team we played this season…the crushed us. They had two tall girls, they were stealing the ball, we just weren’t ready, didn’t know or trust each other…MsS freaked out. It was bad. Today, we did much better. We were aggressive on defense, in their face, making steals,…MsS tells me we won. Now if I may brag aboot my team… MsS…stole the ball, and dribbled down and got a basket. SH…basket, steal, offensive rebound and quick basket…someone’s head crashed into her cheek. She came out crying, but after a few seconds “I’m OK”. KH…smothering defense, going after the lose balls, I think a steal Q…basket, a rebound CD…couple of steals, couple of baskets…the girl guarding her was fearless, fast, and ripped the ball from CD’s hands a couple times! EK…we stuck her on one of the “giants”. She got a rebound, a steal…she always says, “is it over yet? When can we go home?” But I think she has fun. She got a ball to the face, and came out for a minute, worried aboot bleeding lips…I assured her she was fine. And she wanted back in.

AV and AR were out of town.

last weekend basketball

12 February, 2015

Friday night, we went as a family to watch UW Women’s basketball vs Oregon State. (Two friends from MsS team were there, too.) MrG watched the whole game, sitting next to his mommy…I did a bit of explore the bleachers with MrCuddles and MsSqueaky.

Saturday was MsSqueaky’s game. Her teacher from school showed up to watch, how cool is that! Also, very beginning of the game, MsS was running, the girl guarding her was chasing, MsS quickly stopped, and got slammed into by the other girl. She hit the floor pretty hard, the crowd gasped. And I went to gather her, held her for a few minutes, cheered her up, explained it was an accident, and soon she was ready to go back out on the floor. (Soccer benefit, the grass is much softer than hardwood floor.) And if I may brag about my daughter for a moment… She was standing on the right block, coach told her to move, she ran around a bit, got a pass from coaches daughter, dribbled back to right block, was open, and made the shot! (She had two baskets Saturday!)

Sunday, Papa & MsSqueaky time, we went to watch UW Women’s basketball vs Oregon. She watched some of the game, and cheered at the right time, or asked questions. But, we went to the snack bar a couple of times, and climbed to the highest seats and circled the arena.

If I haven’t mentioned it, I am lucky to be the Assistant-to-the-Coach for MsSqueaky’s basketball team. I am loving it.

When we show up for a game, I try to get the girls practicing shots. They kinda line up close to the free throw line, and chaotically take turns. I stand under the basket, saying encouragement “nice quick shot” or “you’re making me smile” and collect the rebound, either passing or tipping it left or right, barking out, “you go get that ball, that’s your ball”. If I see them carrying the ball I call out, “Dribble. Dribble all the time. I want you to dream about dribbling.”

At first, Coach’sDaughter (CD) was the star, I’ve known her for a few years, and she LOVES to play ball. She is fast on rebounds, loves to dribble around defenders, and will quickly steal any lazy pass. But by now, seems the team has gotten a lot better, and are trusting themselves, and each other. It’s great fun to watch from the sidelines.

Now if I may brag about our team

CD: still fast on rebounds, loves to dribble around defenders, but is learning to trust her teammates and has started collecting assists. (Often she’ll pass to MsSqueaky) Frustrates her dad when she takes long shots.
KH and SH… sisters, and they have started doing smothering defense. Srsly, they will get up very close and in the face of the girl they are guarding as soon as she stops dribbling. Coach taught that. SH had a buzzer beater to end the game last week.
EK… good all-around player, one of our taller girls. Probably our second best scorer, (and is more efficient than our best scorer.)
Q… a few games ago was upset that the girl kept stealing from her. Coach explained that you can do that now. And now, Q is on a mission. I would not be surprised someday if she earns ten steals.
MsS… is getting better emotionally. Last year, she didn’t care. This year they are “keeping score” and that bothered her. (Coach and I don’t keep track of the score.) But she’s calming down, worrying less aboot the height of the basket, dribbling with confidence and even switch hands on the dribble in response to a defender. Seems most games she hits at least one open shot. (I just wish she would rebound like she did last year. Last year she was sweeping the floor going for the loose ball.)
AV and AR… sisters. They may be put-off by my over the top acting. So I try to calm it down for them, but still give them high-fives and say I’m happy to see them when they arrive. AV is getting better on defense. AR has become a scoring threat if left open.

Wow, this has been fun! I am seriously considering continuing next season…but what if the chemistry is different? This team is awesome, maybe I should quit on a high-note.

Ways I need to improve… names… I still get AR and AR mixed up. KH and SH mixed up sometimes, too. Also… I need to get better at tailoring my play to their levels. I think I can do this decently one-on-one…but if there is a group, or I have to quickly switch to the next player during a drill, my default might be a bit too tough. (Another way to read this is I’m a horrible person, and I am too competitive against 8 year olds. I hope I just get caught up in the excitement…but there’s always the chance that I am in fact, a horrible person. God be with me.)


Why we care?

4 February, 2015

It’s funny, the way humans get so emotionally involved in other people playing a silly game with a ball, isn’t it. There’s friendship, snacks, no camradery of course. There’s entertainment and excitement.

Favorite part of day

3 February, 2015

So we’ve been playing a game where one of the Childrens throws the football to me, then runs into the bedroom and dives on the mattress.

This morning, MrCuddles whispered to me, “Papa, I have an idea. What if, when you get home, and we are at home, tonight, you play with MsSqueaky first. Because last night when me and MrG were playing with you for a long time, MsS was doing her homework, before she played football with us.” That was my favorite part of today, one child thinking of another.

Hell of a game

2 February, 2015

With a special emphasis on the “OW” part for Seattle fans.
That, was an entertaining Super Bowl yesterday.

(I liked Katy Perry’s Half-Time show, too.)

I watched nearly the whole thing…mostly I catch bits and pieces while MyBetterHalf and MrGrunty watch. I was watching more, when we were having friends over to watch with us past few weeks. But yesterday, we were at someone else’s house, so, not much else to do but relax…and watch.

But too exciting to relax. Tie game right before the half.
Seahawks up by TEN going into the fourth quarter! Then Patriots were up. crazy bouncing ball off knees while spinning around catch. We were on the one yard line, seconds left in the game, we can win this! And we all were crushed with the interception.

I hear that Richard Shermann was the first Seahawk to congratulate Tom Brady. That’s cool.

One way home, MrCuddles was saying, “it’s just a game, sometimes the other team wins, you don’t have to cry about it” to no one in particular, and I’m glad his big brother didn’t yell at him.

Wow…NFL…only a few games, keeps it interesting. I hear they are very good at keeping hope alive, that most fans bases think, “just a few improvements, and we can be in the playoffs.” And anything can happen any given Sunday.

Saturday basketball and

1 February, 2015

It’s late. I’m still a bit sad aboot the Seahawks not using Lynch to run when they were second down on the one yard line!!! MrGrunty wept and was in the fetal position. I tried to tell my children that I was disappointed in the Seahawk player who fought at end of game. You never do that. You always say “good game, thanks for playing” no matter what.

Anyway…happy Saturday sports stuff….

MsSqueaky’s game… She ran down court fast after her friend grabbed the rebound, (yay), her friend threw the ball to her, (yay), MsS caught the ball (YAY), MsS took the shot (YAY!) and she made the basket! I’m very proud that she didn’t get discouraged when she was matched up against a taller player. However, she was crying at the end of the game because she thought we lost…sigh. I told her last night, when tucking her in that I love watching her, that she gets better all the time, that coaches like close games, and that all the girls who take the court are winners.

MrG’s game…I’m only bragging a tiny bit…but he had a rebound, an assist, a basket and two steals.

MrG had a friend visit…so I got to spend some more time with MrCuddles. We played a lot of catch with football, and a bit of basketball too.