Saturday basketball and

It’s late. I’m still a bit sad aboot the Seahawks not using Lynch to run when they were second down on the one yard line!!! MrGrunty wept and was in the fetal position. I tried to tell my children that I was disappointed in the Seahawk player who fought at end of game. You never do that. You always say “good game, thanks for playing” no matter what.

Anyway…happy Saturday sports stuff….

MsSqueaky’s game… She ran down court fast after her friend grabbed the rebound, (yay), her friend threw the ball to her, (yay), MsS caught the ball (YAY), MsS took the shot (YAY!) and she made the basket! I’m very proud that she didn’t get discouraged when she was matched up against a taller player. However, she was crying at the end of the game because she thought we lost…sigh. I told her last night, when tucking her in that I love watching her, that she gets better all the time, that coaches like close games, and that all the girls who take the court are winners.

MrG’s game…I’m only bragging a tiny bit…but he had a rebound, an assist, a basket and two steals.

MrG had a friend visit…so I got to spend some more time with MrCuddles. We played a lot of catch with football, and a bit of basketball too.



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