Hell of a game

With a special emphasis on the “OW” part for Seattle fans.
That, was an entertaining Super Bowl yesterday.

(I liked Katy Perry’s Half-Time show, too.)

I watched nearly the whole thing…mostly I catch bits and pieces while MyBetterHalf and MrGrunty watch. I was watching more, when we were having friends over to watch with us past few weeks. But yesterday, we were at someone else’s house, so, not much else to do but relax…and watch.

But too exciting to relax. Tie game right before the half.
Seahawks up by TEN going into the fourth quarter! Then Patriots were up. crazy bouncing ball off knees while spinning around catch. We were on the one yard line, seconds left in the game, we can win this! And we all were crushed with the interception.

I hear that Richard Shermann was the first Seahawk to congratulate Tom Brady. That’s cool.

One way home, MrCuddles was saying, “it’s just a game, sometimes the other team wins, you don’t have to cry about it” to no one in particular, and I’m glad his big brother didn’t yell at him.

Wow…NFL…only a few games, keeps it interesting. I hear they are very good at keeping hope alive, that most fans bases think, “just a few improvements, and we can be in the playoffs.” And anything can happen any given Sunday.



One Response to “Hell of a game”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’m glad he didn’t yell at him either – but what a great thing to say for an almost 6 year old.

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