Basketball today

MrCuddles was having fun playing some basketball with me today. He was also dribbling along the side during his siblings games. Or coloring. Yay, not playing an electronic device! speaking of electronic devices…I was playing a football game with MrGrunty. He got upset when I did a silly play, instead of getting the touchdown at the end of the half. Later, played some chase game where get coins with MsSqueaky…they laughed at how terrible I am. MsS usually got 200 coins. I finally got 51 coins…they cheered for me. MrG game. I’m wondering if he likes basketball… He just doesn’t seem to have the hustle he did last year. But he’s very serious on the court, so hard to say. He did get coach yell out “good defense” to him. And he stole the ball and went down and got the basket. MsS told me she wants to be a basketball player and a soccer player when she grows up. She was playing a lot today, taking extra shots when ever there wasn’t a game. MsS game…we think it was the first team we played this season…the crushed us. They had two tall girls, they were stealing the ball, we just weren’t ready, didn’t know or trust each other…MsS freaked out. It was bad. Today, we did much better. We were aggressive on defense, in their face, making steals,…MsS tells me we won. Now if I may brag aboot my team… MsS…stole the ball, and dribbled down and got a basket. SH…basket, steal, offensive rebound and quick basket…someone’s head crashed into her cheek. She came out crying, but after a few seconds “I’m OK”. KH…smothering defense, going after the lose balls, I think a steal Q…basket, a rebound CD…couple of steals, couple of baskets…the girl guarding her was fearless, fast, and ripped the ball from CD’s hands a couple times! EK…we stuck her on one of the “giants”. She got a rebound, a steal…she always says, “is it over yet? When can we go home?” But I think she has fun. She got a ball to the face, and came out for a minute, worried aboot bleeding lips…I assured her she was fine. And she wanted back in.

AV and AR were out of town.


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