So tired, but good tired

Friday, July 3rd… It was Mommy & MrCuddles Day, they went to the beach. MsSqueaky went over to a friend. I turned to MrGrunty, “you know how when we go to a park, I can’t play with you all the time, because I like to play with all my kids. Today it’s just you and me.” He dropped his video game, and soon we were doing hitting practice. Most of the time he hits to left field, I joked “you’re lining them up in a line.” We had teriyaki for lunch, and then a bit of tennis, but he was too hot and getting grumpy. That evening, MyBetterHalf went to the Sounders game. MrC and MsS went to their BFFs. Eventually, me and MrG went back to tennis court to hit with friends.

Saturday, July 4

MsS was in the Bothell parade with GirlScouts. I don’t think she saw me and the boys cheering from the side. We decided to finally take them to fireworks… Not Gasworks yet, because getting out of there is crazy, and we don’t want to be getting home late. Aquasox! With two other families, (each of my childrens had a best friend there!)… There was some bounce houses…and the game was slow, and the game went into extra innings, and we got home at…midnight! I enjoyed the fireworks, it was close, so there was minimal delay between the flash and the boom.

Sunday… I woke at 10:30! Oops, no Church today. It is so nice, the children’s were quietly playing, entertain themselves. Projects with Parents!  MrC helped his mommy, while I took MrG and MsS with me to drop off old chemicals that we found in the shed when we bought the house ten yrs ago! It was very easy, quick, they took everything, including a leaky jug of blue stuff. The tech said, ” we try to make it easy.” And I love that, make it easy for people to do the right thing. Evidently the service is paid for as part of our waste bill. Cool. Then to a BBQ. Then to watch Women’s World Cup Final….uh…I kinda feel sorry for Japan. Then I took the children’s to tennis with friends.


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