Boeing Creek Park

today, the children’s helped me with a second coat of white paint inside the shed. MrCuddles did excellent last time, and his section did not need a second coat. I told his older brother and sister to do as he did. It is brighter in there. Next week I plan to give the childrens many colors of paint and decorate as they want.

then, a birthday party for a new friend that MrGrunty made at camp. Yay, new friend! It was at Boeing creek Park, and started with decorating PVC pipe and then blowing foam darts at a target. Later, we all went on a walk in the woods. MrCuddles wanted to keep following the creek, so he and I kept going down stream. Sometimes steep, sometimes slippery, I think he gained some confidence on our walk. It was very quiet and green, mostly we only heard the creek. Lots of fun for MrC and I.

then, back to Tour de Terrace, to rides. MrC and I were with each other, we were lucky and from the top of the giant slide we spotted and waved to MsSqeaky, MrGrunty and MyBetterHalf who were across the park at the top of the Farris Wheel. He and I hung out…MyBetterHalf did the crazier rides with the twins.



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